High On A Mountain Of Love Widener College 06.02.1975


springsteen widener-artwork

Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band played at the Widener College in Chester (Pennsylvania) On February 6th 1975.

High On A Mountain Of Love  is a new version of an old DVD bootleg realized by JEMS Archive and Brucevideos.


Incident On 57th Street
Mountain Of Love
Born To Run
Spirit In The Night
Wings For Wheels
Kitty’s Back
New York City Serenade (cut)
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (cut)
4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
(total running time 61:46)

Bonus Audio / Slide Show
Photos from Widener College, February 6, 1975 by Michael Turner
Encore Audio from Widener College, February 7, 1975 by The Big A

Audio Transfer: master cassette > Nakamichi CR-7A azimuth-adjusted playback > Sound Devices USBPre2 > Audacity 2.0 (24/96) capture > Peak 6.0 with iZotope Ozone 5.0 (speed corrected) > FLAC > compress to AC3

  1. 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
  2. A Love So Fine
  3. For You
  4. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
    (total running time 32:27)


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
High On A Mountain Of Love
Schwartz Athletic Center Field House
Widener College
Chester, Pennsylvania
February 6, 1975
JEMS Archive/Brucevideos

2012 Video Transfer: First-generation VHS > Apple ProRes video capture (image stabilization, timebase correction) > uncompressed AVI > Sony Movie Studio 12 (noise reduction, sharpening, B&W conversion, cropping) > MPEG2 @ average 7.5 mbps) > DVD Architect 5.0

Audio Mastering: Apple ProRes > wav > Sony Sound Forge (minor edits, slight EQ, gain adjustment) > DVD Architect 5.0

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The Lost Live Tape 1975 -1980

The Lost Live Tapes

This bootleg was originally an LP and it is a collection of various songs played by Bruce Springsteen and The E-Street Band between 1975 and 1980.

The bootleg has a very good average quality.



  1. Intro (Largo 02.11.2980)
  2. Born To Run (Houston 14.09.1975)
  3. Its Gonna Work Out Fine (Largo 02.09.1975)
  4. The Ties That Bind (Largo 02.11.2980)
  5. I Wann Marry You (Tempe o5.11.1980)


  1. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Cleveland 01.01.1979)
  2. I Fought The Law (Cleveland 01.01.1979)
  3. The Fever (Cleveland 01.01.1979)
  4. Quarter To Three (Houston 14.09.1975)

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’cause Tonight We Got Style Live at Ambassador Theatre 27.09.1975

'cause Tonight We Got Style

This is another very old bootleg from almost forty years ago.

The has been recorded during the Born To Run on September the 27th 1975 at Ambassador Theatre in Saint Louis.

The quality of the CD’s are quite good especially considering the technology available in late ’75.



  1. Meeting Across The River 
  2. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
  3. Spirit In The Night
  4. Pretty Flamingo
  5. She’s The One
  6. It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City
  7. The E-Street Shuffle

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Prettier Oswego 16.12.1975

Prettier Oswego (JEMS) Booklet

This is the new version of a bootleg called Pretty Oswego. Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band played in the State University of New York during the Born to Run tour on December the 16th 1975.



  1. Thunder Road <— listen!
  2. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
  3. Spirit In The Night
  4. Lost In The Flood <—listen!
  5. She’s The One
  6. Born To Run
  7. Pretty Flamingo
  8. Saint In City
  9. Backstreets <—listen!


  1. Kitty’s Back 
  2. Jungleland
  3. Rosalita
  4. Sandy <—listen!
  5. Santa Claus
  6. Detroit Medley
  7. For You
  8. Quarter To Three

Prettier Oswego (JEMS) Back


Welcome back to the second in a planned series of releases from the ER
Archives, the collection of an active ’70s taper and trader who
stepped away from collecting, leaving his tapes pretty much dormant
until now. We’re still culling through the archive, but it is already
clear that it contains previously uncirculated shows as well as
upgrades to circulating tapes, both audience and soundboard. ER used
high-end tape decks and good tape, so his copies of even well-known
shows may well be improvements.

This installment falls squarely into the “upgrades” category as it
offers a material enhancement over the previously marginal recording
in circulation of Oswego, NY, December 16, 1975.

The extant version, which circulates as Pretty Oswego, suffers from
several problems including being pitched too fast, sounding muffled
from generational loss and having cuts. This new version has been
speed checked and corrected and is more complete. As a result it runs
longer than Pretty Oswego. The clarity of this transfer is far
superior to its predecessor as well–the recording has body, space and
instrument separation that just wasn’t there before and it sits
comfortably next to some of the better (though perhaps not best)
audies from 1975. Hence Prettier Oswego. Also, cuts previously found
in “Pretty Flamingo” and “Detroit Medley” are gone, though there is a
tiny piece missing near the end of an epic “Kitty’s Back.”

The pitch issues with this show proved deceptive as there are songs,
like “Saint in the City,” that are played at such a breakneck pace
they felt like they still must be running too fast after we pitch
corrected. But you’ll hear that even as the band seems to be in
overdrive, Bruce’s vocals sound right on key.

Oswego is a strong show, a few weeks removed from the band’s quick
trip to Europe and 13 days removed from the two-night run at the
Boston Music Hall JEMS presented earlier this year from Steve Hopkins’
master tapes. The quality here isn’t at Hopkins’ level, but it is
highly listenable both on quieter material like the piano-opening
“Thunder Road” and the solo encore “For You,” and rollicking passages
like “Kitty’s Back” and “Detroit Medley.” Samples provided.

Thanks to the ER Archive for opening up the vault doors and sharing
this recording with the fans. Feel free to let him know how you feel
in the comments.

When the ER Archive returns, we will shuffle off to Buffalo.

Wayne Darlington for JEMS and the ER Archives

Last Tango in Philly 31.12.1975


Last Tango in Philly 31.12.1975

Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band played several time in Philadelphia during the 1975. This is the bootleg of the latest concert, December 31st.

Thanks to EV2 for the great job!


Title: Last Tango In Philly <—-
‘Label’: Ev2
Format: 1CD
Source: Soundboard / Multitrack
Date: December 31, 1975.
Location: The Tower Theatre, Philadelphia (Upper Darby), PA.

Removed some cuts, edited audio (was surprisingly flat originally).

– Edited from uber series vol. 33
— Thanks to TD, and the übergoober for sharing this great show – hope there will be many more to come.

From the original info: 
At first blush, this tape might seem a bit ho hum as a complete
soundboard recording of the 12/31/75 show has been in circulation
for years (as are other nights from the same stand). But make no
mistake, you have never heard this before.

The previously circulating soundboard (generally attributed to be
sourced from the late, great Ed Sciaky) was recorded live to
two-track, likely on cassette or perhaps reel, and it sounds a lot
like other ’75 board sources. But it turns out a multi-track
recording was also made on 12/31/75, and in early 1976 those
multi-tracks were mixed down to stereo for consideration of a live
album that never happened.

These nine songs are taken directly from the 1976 production reels
of those mixes and offer what is arguably the finest live recording
of the era. Undoubtedly, the official Hammersmith release sounds
great, but it was mixed in 2005, not 1976. If you thought
Springsteen was in your living room on the WGOE session, the entire
E Street Band is there this time.

Last Tango in Philly




  1. Night
  2. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
  3. Spirit In The Night
  4. Tuning & Intro
  5. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?
  6. It’s My Life
  7. Pretty Flamingo
  8. It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City
  9. Mountain Of Love
  10. Jungleland


Years of Innocence 1972 – 1981


Raccolta di sei spezzoni video di Bruce Springsteen e la E-Street Band compresi fra il 1972 e il 1981.

I concerti raccolti nel bootleg realizzato dalla Apocalypse Sound Production sono:

  • Max’s Kansas City 10.08.1972
  • Hammersmith Odeon 18.11.1975
  • LA TV News 16.07.1977
  • No Nukes 21.09.1979
  • Survival Sunday 14.06.1981

La qualità media direi che è fra il basso e il sufficiente ma bisogna considerare che il filmato più recente ha 32 anni.

Voi cosa ne dite? Vi ricordo che si possono votare i bootleg, basta cliccare sulle stelline qua  sotto.

Non trovo la copertina originale, chi me la può mandare?

The Ed Sciaky Archives 31.12.1975

springsteen ed sciaky
Springsteen 31.12.1975

Il bootleg testimonia l’ ultimo concerto del 1975 per Bruce Springsteen e la E-Street Band la data è infatti quella del 31 dicembre 1975.

Di quella storica data esistono diversi bootleg fra cui alcuni di ottima qualità come ad esempio  Last Tango in Philly (EV2) e il volume numero 33 della serie Uber uscita ormai diversi anni fa su Stone Pony London.

Il mio preferito è però questo realizzato da Ed Sciaky.

Come “assaggio” potete ascoltare Backestreets a questo link.

La scaletta presa da Brucespringsteen.it :

01 Night
02 10th avenue freeze-out  (acoustic)
03 Spirit in the night
04 Does this bus stop at 82nd street?
05 It’s my life
06 She’s the one
07 Born to run
08 Pretty Flamingo
09 It’s hard to be a saint in the city
10 Backstreets
11 Mountain of love
12 Jungleland
13 Rosalita (Come out tonight)
14 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
15 Detroit Medley
16 Quarter to three
17 Thunder road
18 Twist and shout

Voi che versione avete? Quale è la vostra versione preferita?

Sto preparando la prossima e-mail, spero vi piacerà!



Questo è uno dei bootleg di Springsteen che bisogna assolutamente avere!

Anzi se a qualcuno manca glielo mando (massimo 3 lettori).

Le copertine le trovate qui e qui.

Bruce Springsteen
Palace Theater,
Providence, RI
20 July 1975

Master audience recording taped by Dan Lampinski

01 Incident On 57th Street
02 Spirit In The Night
03 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
04 Growin’ Up
05 Saint In The City
06 E Street Shuffle
07 Born To Run
08 Thunder Road
09 New York City Serenade (Speed Flaws)

01 Kitty’s Back
02 Rosalita (spliced)
03 E1: 4th Of July Asbury Park (Sandy)
04 A Love So Fine
05 E2: Sha La La
06 Quarter To Three

Opening night of the Born to Run tour, and first concert with Miami Steve Van Zandt.
Premieres of 10th Avenue Freeze Out and Sha La La.

Sony TC-152SD Tape Recorder
Sony ECM-99 Stereo Microphone
Maxell cassettes

Mastered and FLAC’ed by Carl Morstadt (dantalion8@yahoo.com)

Master Cassette ->
Nakamichi CR-3A cassette deck with azimuth correction ->
M-Audio Firewire Audiophile 2496 ->
CDWAV 24-bit/96-KHz wav files ->
Goldwave (normalizing and crossfades) ->
CDWAV (track breaks) ->
dBpowerAMP Audio Converter (24-bit/96-KHz wav files converted to
16-bit/44.1 KHz wav files) ->
FLAC Front End (FLAC 8 with sector boundary alignment)
FLAC files tagged with Foobar2000 Live Show Tagger

No EQ’ing.

A 24-bit/96-KHz flac24 version of this recording is also available.

Dan Lampinski recorded over 100 concerts in the Providence/Boston area, mostly between 1974 and 1978. His earliest recordings were made with an internal microphone deck, and though they are somewhat lo-fi compared to his later work, some very great moments in rock history were captured for posterity. In late 1974 he bought a Sony TC-152SD tape recorder, a Sony ECM-99 stereo microphone, and began using Maxell cassettes. He was also fortunate enough to have a friend who provided excellent taping seats for many shows, resulting in high quality recordings. In 1977, he switched over to a Nakamichi 550 tape recorder, two Nakamichi CM-300 microphones, and continued using Maxell cassettes.

He recorded many of the major 70’s bands: Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Queen, Blue Oyster Cult, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, ELP, Kiss, Black Sabbath, The Who, Al Stewart, Alice Cooper, Jeff Beck, Bruce Springsteen, Supertramp, Jean-Luc Ponty, Moody Blues, Neil Young, The Faces, Rush, Rick Wakeman, Kansas, as well as several “under the radar” acts.

Since Dan never traded copies of his recordings, they are all essentially uncirculated. Some copies were made for friends, but these releases are the first time most of these recordings have ever seen the light of day, and are direct from his master cassettes. No EQ’ing has been done to any of the transfers. Feel free to EQ, matrix, patch, etc and re-post if you like, just give Dan credit for the original recording.

Dan was very meticulous about taking good care of his tapes and is very pleased that these recordings will now circulate among the trading community. Please honour his kindness and generosity by sharing these recordings freely.

The transfers are available as 16bit/44.1KHz flac files suitable for CD burning, and also as 24bit/96KHz flac files for those who prefer the higher resolution.

Always remember – the more generous you are with your music, the more it comes back to you.

Kev & Carl
June 2009



Dopo anni questo vecchio bootleg di Springsteen è ancora nudo, chi gentilmente mi manda
la copertina?

Title: Born With Nothin’ In Hands – Remastered Born To Run Outtakes
Label: Ev2
Format: 1CD
Source: Studio
Date: March – July 1975
Location: The Record Plant, New York City, NY (except where noted)

Disc One:
01 Thunder Road
02 Night
03 Born To Run [b]
04 A Love So Fine [b]

05 Backstreets
06 Walking In The Street [a]
07 Lonely Night In The Park
08 Jungleland
09 Linda Let Me Be The One
10 Thunder Road
11 She’s The One
12 Backstreets
13 The Heist
14 Thunder Road


01 Solo acoustic
02 Double tracked vocal
03 W/ female chorus
04 Instrumental
05 Includes strings
06 Also known as “Lovers In The Cold” [a]
07 Should be considered a rough run-through take at best
08 Includes strings
09 May have been the last song ruled out from inclusion on the LP
10 Sax is more prominent throughout, but especially on the intro
11 Different lyrics, some lines included later in ‘Backstreets’, original title ‘Virgin Summer Nights’.
12 Alternate version with strings
13 Take 16, horn varies from released take
14 ‘Chrissy version’, minor lyric changes

[a] According to recent information, this track was only played and recorded the one time,
and the master tape could not be found for the release of Tracks, it may be lost.
[b] Recorded at 914 Sound Studios, Blauvelt, NY 10/74


‘Remastering’ information:

Main source: War & Roses, ES49
Source for tracks 8, 12: ‘Treasures From The Vault’
Source for track 7: ‘Rise Like The Rain’

Every track edited, in the beginning this was going to be a 3 cd set – I had originally 56 tracks (edited), but ended up
using only these 14.
I tried to get the best possible sound quality but still include as much variation as possible – some tracks sound a bit

This is just something I did every now and then when I got tired of editing the live shows.


” There were two outtakes from Born To Run: ‘Linda Let Me Be The One’ is on Tracks,
and there was another one called ‘Walking in The Street’ which I would have liked to have put on,
but I couldn’t find the master. We searched and searched. It might have been simply recorded over, because in those days,
if something wasn’t going to make it, you’re going to need that tape so you recorded something else over the top.
” – B. Springsteen, MOJO Magazine interview 1999.