Continuo la pubblicazione della lista dei bootleg della Cristal Cat (CC):

  1. CC 625-26 BOB DYLAN BRUSSELS 2002 Forest National, Brussels, Belgium, Sun. 28th April 2002
  2. CC 627-28 BOB DYLAN PARIS FIRST 2002 Le Zénith, Paris, France, Mon 29th April 2002
  3. CC 629-30 BOB DYLAN PARIS SECOND 2002 Le Zénith, Paris, France, Tue. 30th April 2002
  4. CC 631-32 BOB DYLAN ROTTERDAM 2002 Ahoy, Rotterdam, Holland, Thu. 2nd May 2002
  5. CC 633-34 BOB DYLAN BRIGHTON 2002 Brighton Centre, Brighton, England, Sat. 04th May 2002
  6. CC 635-36 BOB DYLAN BOURNEMOUTH 2002 Windsor Hall, Bournemouth, England, Sun. 05th May 2002
  7. CC 637-38 BOB DYLAN CARDIFF 2002 Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff, UK, Mon. 06th May 2002
  8. CC 639-40 BOB DYLAN NEWCASTLE 2002 Telewest Arena, Newcastle, England, Wed. 8th May 2002
  9. CC 641-42 BOB DYLAN MANCHESTER 2002 M.E.N. Arena, Manchester, England, Thur. 9th May 2002
  10. CC 643-44 BOB DYLAN BIRMINGHAM 2002 N.E.C. Arena, Birmingham, England, Fri. 10th May 2002
  11. CC 645-46 BOB DYLAN LONDON FIRST 2002 London Arena, Docklands, London, England, Sat. 11th May 2002
  12. CC 647-48 BOB DYLAN LONDON SECOND 2002 London Arena, Docklands, London, England, Sun. 12th May 2002
  13. CC 649-50 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN REHEARSAL NIGHT Convention Hall, Asbury Park, USA, Tue. 30th July 2002
  14. CC 651-52 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN OPENING NIGHT Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, USA, 7th August 2002
  15. CC 653-54 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN TACOMA NIGHT Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, USA, 21st August 2002
  16. CC 655-56 BOB DYLAN NEWPORT 2002 Apple & Eve Newport Folk Festival, USA, Sat. 3rd August 2002
  17. CC 657-58 BOB DYLAN RED BLUFF 2002 Pauline Davis Pavilion, Red Bluff, USA, Mon. 07th October 2002
  18. CC 659-60 BOB DYLAN BERKELEY 2002 Greek Theater, Berkeley, Fri. 11th October 2002
  19. CC 661-63 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN PARIS NIGHT Palais Omnisports, Paris, France, Mon. 14th October 2002
  20. CC 664-66 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN CHRISTMAS SOUL NIGHT Convention Hall, Asbury Park, USA, 8th December 2003
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  23. CC 674-76 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN STOCKHOLM NIGHT The Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden, Thur. 24th October 2002
  24. CC 677-79 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN LONDON NIGHT Wembley Arena, London, England, Sun. 27th October 2002
  25. CC 680-81 BOB DYLAN KANSAS CITY 2002 Uptown Theater, Kansas City, USA, Mon. 28th October 2002
  26. CC 682-83 BOB DYLAN ST. PAUL 2002 Excel Energy Center, St. Paul, USA, Wed. 30th October 2002
  27. CC 684-86 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ATLANTIC CITY Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, USA, Fri. 7th March 2003
  28. CC 687 THE ROLLING STONES ULTRA RARE LIPS Vol.1 Soundboard & audience rarities, US Licks Tour 2002/2003
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  39. CC 714-15 THE ROLLING STONES AT THE ASTORIA, LONDON Astoria, London , England, 27th August 2003
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  47. CC 731-34 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AGORA NIGHT The Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, USA, 09/08/1978
  48. CC 735-36 BOB DYLAN BLEEDING SHADOWS Estadio Municipal Escribano, Motril, Spain, Sat. 10th July 2004 + 8 Bonus
  49. CC 737-38 PATTI SMITH AT THE CIRKUS 2004 Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden, 13/07/2004 + 5 Bonus 07/2004
  50. CC 739-40 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN CLEVELAND NIGHT Vote For Change Gund Arena, Cleveland, OH, USA, Sat. 2nd October 2004
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  54. CC 747-49 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN MILANO NIGHT 1985 San Siro Stadium, Milano, Italy, 21th June 1985
  55. CC 750-51 BOB DYLAN LAFAYETTE 2004 Purdue University, West Lafayette, 3rd November 2004 + 7 Bonus
  56. CC 752-53 BOB DYLAN ROCHESTER 2004 Rochester Insitute Of Technology, Rochester, 13th November 2004 + 8 Bonus
  57. CC 754-55 JOHN FOGERTY BIG TIME Cloetta Center, Linkoping, Sweden, 13/03/2005
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  66. CC 773-74 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN GRAND RAPIDS NIGHT Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, MI, USA, 03/08/2005 + 4 Bonus 31/07/2005
  67. CC 775-76 BOB DYLAN SCANDINAVIUM 2005 Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden, 21/10/2005
  68. CC 777-78 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN BOLOGNA DUST NIGHT Palamalaguti Arena, Bologna, Italy, 04/06/2005
  69. CC 779-80 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ROMA DUST NIGHT Palalottomatica Arena, Roma, Italy, 06/06/2005
  70. CC 781-82 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN MILANO DUST NIGHT Forum Assago, Milano, Italy, 07/06/2005

E con questo siamo a tre parti da 70 bootleg l’ una.

Qui trovate la prima parte e qui la seconda.

Buona lettura.


Sembra che Max non farà parte del leg euopeo di Working on a dream, la fonte è Rolling Stones (attendibile) che cita Little Steven (tipicamante non attendibile).

Ecco l’ articolo:

Last week NBC’s Website confirmed that drummer/bandleader Max Weinberg is definitely coming to Los Angeles when Conan O’Brien takes over The Tonight Show. So what does that mean for Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band’s tour, which kicks off a European leg two days before Conan’s June 1st Tonight Show premiere? “We’re still figuring that out,” says E Street guitarist Steve Van Zandt. “We’ll see. I think Max will be there for most of it. I just got home from Europe, so I haven’t even talked to Max to see what the latest news is. I know he was very much trying to figure it out.”

When Max himself spoke to Rolling Stone earlier this year he described NBC’s extreme patience over his frequent absences, hitting the road with the increasingly busy Springsteen. “It’s a hell of a problem to have in this economy,” he said, explaining that a well known NBC sitcom star’s attorney asked why Weinberg was allowed sabbaticals when his client couldn’t take one to film a movie. “The NBC lawyer thought for a second, then said, ‘The next time Bruce Springsteen asks your client to play drums, she can do that.’ In the legal department it’s known as the Weinberg-Springsteen Rule.”

Whether or not the Weinberg-Springsteen rule applies to the first few weeks of The Tonight Show, however, is up in the air. “Max will be fine until the beginning of the show on June 2nd,” says Van Zandt. “After that, we’ll see. I’m sure Max will be there for most, if not all of the tour. He’s as dedicated as it gets. I used to have to fly home every day off and film The Sopranos. He may have to do something like that. Conan, it must be said, has been tremendous. Once that second banana [former sidekick Andy Richter] split, I started to get concerned. I was like ‘Uh-oh. Now Max is not only the music director, he’s also the second banana.’ That’s a huge role to play.”

Is the band thinking about a possible temporary replacement? “No names have come up yet,” says Van Zandt. “I don’t know if it’s quite at that stage.” The E Street Band hasn’t played a show without Weinberg since he joined in 1974. “It’s hard for me to picture a show without Max, honestly,” says Van Zandt. “It really won’t be the E Street Band. I guess various members will come and go as we go through these last few years together. If there’s a few shows where he’s not there, I’m sure it will be fine. Most of the time he’s gotta be there though. There’s no drummer that could replace Max. There might be someone temporary that comes in and we’ll have to adjust the show accordingly. What nobody understands is that not only is Max a great drummer, Max reads Bruce’s mind. You can’t learn that. That’s impossible to learn. You could spend months rehearsing and you’ll never get that.”

Qui l’ originale.

Non possiamo fare altro che attendere e vedere.

Voi che ne pensate?


Un post “tecnico” oggi.

Mi è stato chiesto diverse volte cosa siano i feed RSS e quanto costa la sottoscrizione.

Innanzitutto voglio chiarire che i feed RSS non si pagano ma sono GRATIS, stessa cosa ovviamente per la ricezione dei post per email.

Credo i feed si possano considerare l’ evoluzione dei segnalibri, la differenza principale sta che con i segnalibri si era costretti a visitare ogni singolo sito o blog di proprio interesse mentre con i feed RSS gli aggiornamenti vengono raccolti in un unico “posto” il lettore di feed (o feed reader) con un notevole risparmio di tempo.

Come programma consiglio google reader, veloce, leggero ed ovviamente gratuito oltre il fatto di essere on line quindi non c’e’ bisogno di installare nulla.

Per abbonarsi basta cercare l’ icona arancione posta di solito in alto a destra e cliccarci sopra seguendo le istruzioni (bastano due passaggi generalmente); l’ abbonamento per email è ancora più semplice, basta inserire la propria email nel form sottostante e poi cliccare sul link nelle mail di conferma.

Spero di esser stato abbastanza chiaro, in caso di dubbi lasciate un commento qua sotto.

Se volete fare un test per esser sicuri di aver capito bene in alto a destra trovate l’ icona dei feed.


Eccoci alla seconda parte della lista dei bootleg pubblicati dalla Cristal Crystal.

Buona lettura.

  1. CC 459-60 THE ROLLING STONES ATLANTIC CITY Convention Center, Atlantic City, USA, Tue. 19th December 1989
  2. CC 461-62 U2 NEW YEAR’S NIGHT IN DUBLIN Dublin, Ireland, 31st December 1989
  3. CC 464-66 BOB DYLAN AT THE GLOBE ARENA The Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden, Tue. 9th June 1998 + bonus 06/98
  4. CC 467-68 THE ROLLING STONES SWEET HOME STOCKHOLM Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden, Tue. 8th September 1998
  5. CC 469-70 JOHN FOGERTY THE COMPLETE CONCERT Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden, Fri. 11th September 1998
  6. CC 471-73 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN WINTERLAND NIGHT Winterland, San Francisco, USA, Fri. 15th December 1978
  7. CC 474-75 DEPECHE MODE SINGLE TOUR 1998 Gothenburg, Sweden, 12th September 1998
  8. CC 476-78 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN PASSAIC NIGHT Capitol Theater, Passaic, USA, 19th September 1978
  9. CC 479-80 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN BIG BIG NIGHT IN ASBURY PARK Convention Hall, Asbury Park, USA, Thu. 18th March 1999
  10. CC 481-83 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ALPINE VALLEY NIGHT Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, USA, 12th July 1984
  11. CC 484-85 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN BARCELONA NIGHT Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain, Sun. 11th April 1999
  12. CC 486-88 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN MILANO NIGHT Filaforum, Assago, Milano, Italy, Tue. 20th April 1999
  13. CC 489 THE BLACK CROWES IT’S ROCK’N ROLL Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France, Wed. 28th October 1998
  14. CC 490-92 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN EARLS COURT NIGHT Earl’s Court, London, England, Fri. 21st May 1999
  15. CC 493-95 THE ROLLING STONES SWEET HOME LONDON Shepherd’s Bush + Wembley Stadium, London, 08th +11th June 1999
  16. CC 496-98 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ARNHEM NIGHT Gelredom, Arnhem, Holland, Sun. 20th June 1999
  17. CC 499-500 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN BERCY NIGHT Palais Omnisports, Paris, France, 3rd June 1999
  18. CC 501-03 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN NEW JERSEY NIGHTS Continental Arena, Meadowlands, New Jersey, USA, July-August 1999
  19. CC 504-06 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN OLYMPIC STADION FIRST NIGHT Olympic Stadion, Stockholm, Sweden, Wed. 23rd June 1999
  20. CC 507-09 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN OLYMPIC STADION SECOND NIGHT Olympic Stadion, Stockholm, Sweden, Thur. 24th June 1999
  21. CC 510-11 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN GENT NIGHT Flanders Expo, Gent, Belgium, Thur. 27th May 1999
  22. CC 512-13 TOM WAITS AT THE CIRKUS Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden, 14th July 1999
  23. CC 514-15 JIMMY PAGE & THE BLACK CROWES YOU SHOOK ME Greek Theater, Los Angeles, USA, 19th October 1999
  24. CC 519-20 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN BOSTON NIGHT Fleet Center, Boston, Sun. 22nd August 1999
  25. CC 521-23 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN LOS ANGELES NIGHT Staples Center, Los Angeles, Sat. 23rd October 1999
  26. CC 524-25 NEIL YOUNG FESTIVAL CRAZY HORSE Werchter Rock Festival, Belgium, 07th July 1996
  27. CC 526-27 BOB DYLAN HORSENS TEATER Horsens Ny Teater, Horsens, Denmark, Sun. 21st May 2000
  28. CC 528-30 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN FRISCO SECOND NIGHT Oakland Arena, Oakland, USA, Tues. 26th October 1999
  29. CC 531-33 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN FRISCO THIRD NIGHT Oakland Arena, Oakland, USA, Thur. 28th October 1999
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  70. CC 623-24 BOB DYLAN BERLIN 2002 Berlin Arena, Berlin, Germany, Thu. 11th April 2002

La prima parte la trovate qui


La parte precedente l’ avevo conclusa con il concerto di Milano del giugno 2003.

Siamo quindi al tour succesivo quello di Devils & Dust:

– Dublino 24.05.2005

– Londra 27.05.2005

– Bologna 04.06.2005

– Roma 06.06.2005

– Milano 07.06.2005

Dublino: il primo concerto con Larry, l’ attesa davanti all’ albergo e poi Racing in the street;

Londra: Royal Alber Hall il concerto che non iniziava mai, l’attesa piu’ lunga. Abbiamo mancato la seconda serata di un soffio, siamo rimasti fuori per 2 persone di troppo davanti noi;

Bologna: la rabbia, il peggior concerto del tour. Posti stupendi, pubblico di merda con centinaia di flash;

Roma: stupendo, il migliore dei tre concerti italiani, leggermente inferiore a Dublino;

Milano: stavamo per non farcela con la macchina che ha fatto sciopero risalendo l’ Italia.

Come bootleg mi manca solo il video di Dublino, se qualcuno fosse interessato ad uno scambio mi contatti (


Il dubbio viene ascoltando l’ ultima canzone di Masini presentata a San Remo l’ altra sera.

L’ articolo è tratto da CronacaQui edizione di Milano:

SANREMO 19/02/2009 – Caccia alla somiglianza nelle canzoni presentate al Festival di Sanremo. Come ogni anno si cerca la nota in comune, il ritmo che ricorda qualche brano del passato, il ritornello “già sentito”. Le prime canzoni che hanno creato questo dubbio sono “L’opportunità” del trio Pupo, Paolo Belli e Youssou N’Dour e “L’Italia” di Marco Masini.

Dalle pagine del sito ufficiale di Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Vince Tempera, storico direttore d’orchestra al Teatro Ariston dal 1969 al 2007, ha suggerito una somiglianza tra la canzone di Pupo & co. e “Che sarà” dei Ricchi e Poveri. «La conclusione della strofa è identica» ha detto il Maestro, sottolineando una mancanza di melodie nella cinquantanovesima edizione del Festival e quindi una minor possibilità di plagio. Enzo Ghinazzi, in arte Pupo, respinge ogni eventuale somiglianza, ammettendo però «che un paio di battute portano verso quel mondo, quelle atmosfere, ma niente di più», assicura il cantante.

La canzone di Marco Masini, “L’Italia”, risveglia invece altri ricordi musicali. In questo caso si va a toccare The Boss. La melodia del brano del cantante toscano ha molto in comune con “You’re missing”, una ballata scritta da Bruce Springsteen nel 2002, dopo i tragici attentati dell’11 settembre. Più dolce, poetica e toccante la canzone del Boss, più ruvida e arrabbiata quella di Masini, uno sfogo contro tutti i mali dell’Italia.

Sul sito del giornale c’e’ l’ audio delle due canzoni in modo da fare un paragone.

Voi che ne pensate? Vi sembrano uguali?


Ecco qui una lista di tutti i bootleg pubblicati dalla Crystal Cat nel corso degli anni divisi per numero di catalogo.

Per facilitare la lettura ho diviso il post quattro parti che pubblicherò nei prossimi giorni.

  2. CC 301-02 RUSH ATMOSPHERIC Ahoy Hall, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 03rd June 1992
  3. CC 303-04 PRINCE STAGETRONIC Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 18/05/1992
  4. CC 305-06 U2 DANCING ZOO TV Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden, 11th June 1992
  5. CC 307-09 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN LIVING PROOF Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden, 17th June 1992
  6. CC 310 ERASURE AUDIOVISUAL London, England, 11/07/1992
  7. CC 311-13 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN WEMBLEY NIGHT Wembley Stadium, London, England, 10th July 1992
  8. CC 314-16 METALLICA STONE COLD CRAZY Wembley Stadium, London, England, 25th October 1992
  9. CC 317 U2 IS THIS A PARTY OR WHAT ? Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden, 08/06/1992
  10. CC 318-19 PETER GABRIEL ONE OF US Globen Arena, Stockholm, Sweden, 13th April 1993
  11. CC 320 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN USA BLUES 1992/1993 various Locations
  12. CC 321-23 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN SHEFFIELD NIGHT Indoor Arena, Sheffield, England, 15th April 1993
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  14. CC 326 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN YOU BETTER NOT TOUCH Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, USA, 13th October 1986
  15. CC 327-29 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN MEADOWLANDS NIGHT Meadowlands Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, Thur. 24th June 1993
  16. CC 330 BJORK LIVE BEHAVIOUR The Academy, Manchester, England, 19th December 1993
  17. CC 331-32 NEIL YOUNG DREAM MACHINE Rock Festival, Torhout, Belgium, 03rd July 1993
  18. CC 333-35 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN NEW YORK CITY NIGHT Madison Square Garden, New York, USA, 26th June 1993
  19. CC 336-37 DEEP PURPLE IN OUR TROUSERS Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden, 13th November 1993 + bonus Copenhagen 12/11/93
  20. CC 338-39 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ALL THOSE NIGHTS “Live in USA and Europe 1992-93”, June 92-June 93
  21. CC 340-41 PAUL Mc CARTNEY LIVE TONIGHT Charlotte, USA, 15th June 1993
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  23. CC 345 BOB DYLAN NORTH STAGE Woodstock ’94, Saugerties, USA, 14th August 1994
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