Final Night Of Darkness On The Edge Of Town 01.01.1079


Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band played the final show of Darkness On The Edge Of Town Tour in Cleveland on January the 1st 1979.


Disc 1

01 Rave on (3:14)
02 Badlands (5:10)
03 Rendezvous (3:43)
04 Spirit in the night (6:50)
05 Darkness on the edge of town (5:49)
06 Factory (3:23)
07 Streets of fire (5:37)
08 Heartbreak hotel (2:43)
09 The promised land (5:38)
10 Prove it all night [With long guitar intro] (11:29)
11 Racing in the street (9:45)
12 Thunder road (5:39)

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An Expensive Night In Red Bank 07.05.2008

springsteen red bank

Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band played a benefit concert for the renovation of the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank.

Darkness On The Edge Of Town and Born To Run have been played for entire.



01 Intro (Rusty Young, Patti Scialfa, Brian Williams, Bruce Springsteen)
02 Badlands
03 Adam Raised A Cain
04 Something In The Night
05 Candy’s Room
06 Racing In The Street
07 The Promised Land
08 Factory
09 Streets Of Fire
10 Prove It All Night
11 Darkness On The Edge Of Town



01 Album Introduction
02 Thunder Road
03 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (w/ horns)
04 Night
05 Backstreets
06 Born To Run
07 She’s The One
08 Meeting Across The River (w/ Mark Pender)
09 Jungleland


01 So Young And In Love (w/ horns)
02 Kitty’s Back (w/ horns)
03 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (w/ horns)
04 Raise Your Hand (w/ horns)


It Took Us 30 Years 21.08.1981

Springsteen It Took Us 30 Years


Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band played in Los Angeles for four nights during The River Tour. The most famous is the first one, on August 2oth: the benefit for the Vietnam Veterans.

Setlist It Took Us 30 Years


  1. Thunder Road
  2. Prove It All Night
  3. Out In The Street
  4. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
  5. Follow That Dream
  6. Independence Day
  7. Two Hearts
  8. Who’ll Stop The Rain
  9. The Promised Land
  10. This Land Is Your Land
  11. The River
  12. Rocking All Over The World
  13. Badlands
  14. For You
  15. Hungry Hearts

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High Hopes New Album And New Tour

High Hopes, the new album of Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band, will be official released tomorrow January 14th.

As already discussed here, the new tour (High Hopes Tour?) will start on January 26th from Cape Town and will call only South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

There isn’t any scheduled concert to promote High Hopes in Europe or in the U.S.A. for the moment.

Apparently, Bruce Springsteen is working on several projects: new edition of Greetings From Asbury Park, new edition of The Wild, The Innocent And The E-Street Shuffle, special edition of The River and two new albums.

Question: what do you expect as next step? A new album, a remastered edition or both? You can leave a comment here below!

A Tear Must Fall Remastered The River Outtakes


A Tear Must Fall is another great bootleg remastered by Ev2 and it contains The River outtakes recorded by Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band between 1979 and 1980.



  1. The Ties That Bind
  2. Sherry Darling
  3. Restless Night
  4. Cindy
  5. Independence Day
  6. Hungry Heart
  7. Out In The Street
  8. Crush On You
  9. You Can Look ( But You Better Not Touch)
  10. I Wanna Marry You
  11. The River
  12. Point Blank
  13. Cadillac Ranch
  14. She’s A Rocker
  15. Fade Away
  16. Stolen Car
  17. Ramrod
  18. The Price You Pay

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’cause Tonight We Got Style Live at Ambassador Theatre 27.09.1975

'cause Tonight We Got Style

This is another very old bootleg from almost forty years ago.

The has been recorded during the Born To Run on September the 27th 1975 at Ambassador Theatre in Saint Louis.

The quality of the CD’s are quite good especially considering the technology available in late ’75.



  1. Meeting Across The River 
  2. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
  3. Spirit In The Night
  4. Pretty Flamingo
  5. She’s The One
  6. It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City
  7. The E-Street Shuffle

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European Wrecking Ball Compilation Part 3

springsteen in europe 2012

This is the final part the Wrecking Ball Tour Compilation 2012.

These four CDs contain the songs played in Europe.



  1. The Promise (solo piano)
  2. Independence Day (solo piano)
  3. For You (solo piano)
  4. If I Should Fall Behind (solo piano)
  5. Tougher Than The Rest (solo piano)
  6. The River
  7. Drive All Night
  8. Back In Your Arms
  9. Backstreets
  10. My Love Will Not Let You Down
  11. Radio Nowhere


  1. Racing In The Streets
  2. The Ghost Of Tom Joad
  3. Because The Night
  4. Lonesome Day
  5. The Rising
  6. Land Of Hope And Dreams
  7. We Are Alive
  8. Rocky Ground
  9. Fire
  10. 98 Tears
  11. Thunder Road


  1. Ramrod
  2. Born In The U.S.A.
  3. Rosalita
  4. I’m Goin’ Down
  5. Sherry Darling
  6. Glory Days
  7. Cadillac Ranch
  8. Bobby Jean
  9. Detroit Medley
  10. Born To Run
  11. Seven Nights To Rock
  12. Dancing In The Dark
  13. American Land


  1.  I Saw Her Standing There
  2. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
  3. Jungleland
  4. I Don’t Wann Go Home
  5. Higher And Higher
  6. Twist And Shout
  7. I’ll Work For Your Love
  8. Leap Of Faith
  9. No Surrender
  10. For You
  11. Blinded By The Light

Marz Bars ‘n’ Guitars 20.08.1994

Springsteen at arz Bars'n' Guitars

Springsteen at arz Bars’n’ Guitars

Springsteen at arz Bars'n' Guitars

Springsteen at arz Bars’n’ Guitars

Bruce Springsteen together with Joe Gruschecky & The Iron City Houserockers played the below thirteen songs at Marz American Style on August the 20th 1994.

This bootleg also contains a bonus track recorded in Santa Monica.


  1. Lucky Town
  2. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
  3. Chain Smoking
  4. Never Be Good Enough Time
  5. Brown Eyed Girl
  6. Mustang Sally
  7. Atlantic City
  8. Diddy Wah Diddy
  9. Living Proof
  10. Glory Days
  11. Around And Around
  12. Bama Lama Bama Loo
  13. The Wanderer / Kansas City
  14. Wrecking On The Highway – bonus


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Did I Mention It’s My Birthday?

Did I mention It’s My Birthday? Bruce’s Birthday Show.

This bootleg is a remaster version of the Bakerstuff recording and contain the concert of September the 22nd 2012 at Metlife Stadium.

The show started very late – almost three hours later than scheduled – because of a storm, so it ended on September the 23rd.


  1.  Intro
  2. Out In The Street
  3. The Ties That Bind
  4. Cynthia
  5. Badlands
  6. Who’ll Stop the Rain
  7. Cover Me
  8. Downbound Train
  9. We Take Care Of Our Own Continue reading

Prettier Oswego 16.12.1975

Prettier Oswego (JEMS) Booklet

This is the new version of a bootleg called Pretty Oswego. Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band played in the State University of New York during the Born to Run tour on December the 16th 1975.



  1. Thunder Road <— listen!
  2. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
  3. Spirit In The Night
  4. Lost In The Flood <—listen!
  5. She’s The One
  6. Born To Run
  7. Pretty Flamingo
  8. Saint In City
  9. Backstreets <—listen!


  1. Kitty’s Back 
  2. Jungleland
  3. Rosalita
  4. Sandy <—listen!
  5. Santa Claus
  6. Detroit Medley
  7. For You
  8. Quarter To Three

Prettier Oswego (JEMS) Back


Welcome back to the second in a planned series of releases from the ER
Archives, the collection of an active ’70s taper and trader who
stepped away from collecting, leaving his tapes pretty much dormant
until now. We’re still culling through the archive, but it is already
clear that it contains previously uncirculated shows as well as
upgrades to circulating tapes, both audience and soundboard. ER used
high-end tape decks and good tape, so his copies of even well-known
shows may well be improvements.

This installment falls squarely into the “upgrades” category as it
offers a material enhancement over the previously marginal recording
in circulation of Oswego, NY, December 16, 1975.

The extant version, which circulates as Pretty Oswego, suffers from
several problems including being pitched too fast, sounding muffled
from generational loss and having cuts. This new version has been
speed checked and corrected and is more complete. As a result it runs
longer than Pretty Oswego. The clarity of this transfer is far
superior to its predecessor as well–the recording has body, space and
instrument separation that just wasn’t there before and it sits
comfortably next to some of the better (though perhaps not best)
audies from 1975. Hence Prettier Oswego. Also, cuts previously found
in “Pretty Flamingo” and “Detroit Medley” are gone, though there is a
tiny piece missing near the end of an epic “Kitty’s Back.”

The pitch issues with this show proved deceptive as there are songs,
like “Saint in the City,” that are played at such a breakneck pace
they felt like they still must be running too fast after we pitch
corrected. But you’ll hear that even as the band seems to be in
overdrive, Bruce’s vocals sound right on key.

Oswego is a strong show, a few weeks removed from the band’s quick
trip to Europe and 13 days removed from the two-night run at the
Boston Music Hall JEMS presented earlier this year from Steve Hopkins’
master tapes. The quality here isn’t at Hopkins’ level, but it is
highly listenable both on quieter material like the piano-opening
“Thunder Road” and the solo encore “For You,” and rollicking passages
like “Kitty’s Back” and “Detroit Medley.” Samples provided.

Thanks to the ER Archive for opening up the vault doors and sharing
this recording with the fans. Feel free to let him know how you feel
in the comments.

When the ER Archive returns, we will shuffle off to Buffalo.

Wayne Darlington for JEMS and the ER Archives