Firenze 11.06.2012

Bruce Springsteen in Florence 10.06.2012

Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band played again in Florence on June the 10th 2012 after more than nine years.

This DVD bootleg has been realized by FedeUd.



  1. Badlands
  2. No Surrender
  3. We Take Care Of Our Own
  4. Wrecking Ball
  5. Death To My Hometown
  6. My City Of Ruins
  7. Spirit In The Night
  8. Be True
  9. Jack Of All Trades
  10. Trapped
  11. Prove It All Night
  12. Honky Tonk Woman / Darlington County
  13. Burning Love
  14. Working On The Highway
  15. Shackled & Drawn
  16. Waitin’ Continue reading

Dream Baby Dream

Bruce Springsteen have just published a new video Dream Baby Dream.

The video has been realized to thank the fans at the end of the Wrecking Ball Tour.

Milano Always Primo 07.06.2012

Bruce Springsteen Milano Always Primo

Milano Always Primo by Amos99

Springsteen and The E-Street Band played for the fourth time in San Siro during the Wrecking Ball Tour on June the 7th 2012.

This is the great DVD bootleg multicam made by Amos99.



  1. Intro (Once Upon A Time In The West)
  2. We Take Care Of Our Own
  3. Wrecking Ball
  4. Badlands
  5. Death To MY Hometown
  6. My City Of Ruins
  7. Spirit In The Night
  8. The E-Street Shuffle
  9. Jack Of All Trades
  10. Candy’s Room
  11. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
  12. Johnny 99
  13. Out In The Street
  14. No Surrender
  15. Working On The Highway
  16. Shackled and Drawn
  17. Waitin’ On A Sunny Day Continue reading

Helsinki Full Pre-Show Video 31.07.2012

The first – and the best – pre-show of the Wrecking Ball Tour.

I was so luckily  to be there!


European Wrecking Ball Compilation Part 3

springsteen in europe 2012

This is the final part the Wrecking Ball Tour Compilation 2012.

These four CDs contain the songs played in Europe.



  1. The Promise (solo piano)
  2. Independence Day (solo piano)
  3. For You (solo piano)
  4. If I Should Fall Behind (solo piano)
  5. Tougher Than The Rest (solo piano)
  6. The River
  7. Drive All Night
  8. Back In Your Arms
  9. Backstreets
  10. My Love Will Not Let You Down
  11. Radio Nowhere


  1. Racing In The Streets
  2. The Ghost Of Tom Joad
  3. Because The Night
  4. Lonesome Day
  5. The Rising
  6. Land Of Hope And Dreams
  7. We Are Alive
  8. Rocky Ground
  9. Fire
  10. 98 Tears
  11. Thunder Road


  1. Ramrod
  2. Born In The U.S.A.
  3. Rosalita
  4. I’m Goin’ Down
  5. Sherry Darling
  6. Glory Days
  7. Cadillac Ranch
  8. Bobby Jean
  9. Detroit Medley
  10. Born To Run
  11. Seven Nights To Rock
  12. Dancing In The Dark
  13. American Land


  1.  I Saw Her Standing There
  2. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
  3. Jungleland
  4. I Don’t Wann Go Home
  5. Higher And Higher
  6. Twist And Shout
  7. I’ll Work For Your Love
  8. Leap Of Faith
  9. No Surrender
  10. For You
  11. Blinded By The Light

Wo Ist Patti? 27.05.2012


This was my first concert of the Wrecking Ball Tour (link to some photos).

This DVD bootleg is recorded in HD quality and the average quality of the video is high.

Bruce Springsteen and The E-Street Band played the following songs during this night in Cologne.


  1. Intro
  2. No Surrender
  3. Two Hearts
  4. We Take Care Of Our Own
  5. Wrecking Ball
  6. The Ties That Bind
  7. Death To My Hometown
  8. My City Of Ruins
  9. Spirit In The Night
  10. The E-Street Shuffle
  11. Jack Of All Trades
  12. Atlantic City
  13. Darlington County
  14. She’s The One
  15. Working On The Highway
  16. Shackled And Drawn
  17. Waitin’
  18. Apollo Medley
  19. The River
  20. The Rising
  21. Radio Nowhere
  22. We Are Alive
  23. Land Of Hope And Dreams
  24. Born In The U.S.A.
  25. Born To Run
  26. Hungry Heart
  27. Seven Nights To Rock
  28. Dancing In The Dark
  29. American Land
  30. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out



Original video sources (alphabetical order):
achim, alexgoesbruce, anonymous, avanpoppel, bossfann, champion1887, dasbinichauch, denalain, devil59620, dimagex50, dvddubbingguy, estrbndbossfan, finnido, fv45pfap, idebee, indraatje5, joe, lars aka papa b‰r, loftarasa, machita, mission man, myocard1000, n.j. turnpike, rainerhornberger, robin keller, rustymarty, sascha74, schneider412, sebastian, sirhcnailuj, strickwerk-productions, sunnyday, tobi, thomasdelbecque, ute

2006timo, herjeminee, jeffreyvanderaa, melafreund, sixgun, therafflem


I only used HD-sourced video material to preserve the best possible image quality. However, the quality varies notable, e.g. from iPhone-videos to high quality cams or steadily filmed to shakily filmed.

Due to lack of videos, there are video gaps in the following songs: Death to My Hometown, Spirit in the Night, Jack of all Trades, The Rising and We Are Alive. These gaps were filled with pictures from the concert.

The second audio stream (zimmy21) has some quality escapes. These are:
No Surrender (first minute missing) and My City of Ruins (distortion for 1 minute in the middle of the song). Where appropriate I mixed totem13’s recording in.
You can find the recordings here:

In case you wonder why I didn’t “fill” the complete DVD9, this is also due to my stupid software when it comes to authoring. The preview window always tells a wrong final size compared to what comes out at the end. For example the preview tells me that the project will be 7,8 GB of size but then it’s only 6,5 GB. When I set the bitrate higher so the preview says the final project will be 9,3 GB (so it becomes about 8 GB in the end), the layer break won’t work and thus there’ll be burning errors. As far as I know, the latest version of my editing software has this fixed, but spending 400 Euros to solve this is a bit too much for me right now.

That being said:

Thank you VERY MUCH to all the tapers who generously shared their original video files with me! And also to the audio tapers of course!

Special thanks for their EXTRAORDINARY contribution to the project:
dvddubbingguy, tobi and lars aka papa b‰r (lots of videos, quite perfectly filmed, amazing quality!), *anonymous* (almost complete recording from the stands), dasbinichauch (lots of videos from the stands, very stable), devil59620 (many videos), fv45pfap (many videos, quite perfectly filmed), joe (help with collecting videos) and betterday for a great communication and motivation.

After all, this was real fun to edit and leads you to just one possible conclusion: Nothing comes close to Bruce Springsteen.

In case you plan to also film a bit during one of your future concerts, I highly recommend to buy a Sony Cybershot hx9v or subsequent models, and film with an EV-setting of -0,7 to -1,3. The best angles of this multicam video were recorded with a hx9v and (I’m not sure which one) hx10s or hx20s with EV set at 0 to -1,3.
The EV-setting avoids “ghost” faces and the cam has got an Exmor R-sensor that avoids annoying “lines” in the video when you are recording against bright lights. Also, it has got a great zoom with steady shot function – and can record in full HD. The sound is also remarkably good for a pocket cam. Moreover, you can also take quite good pics with it.
The latest Lumix from Panasonic might also be a great alternative, though I don’t have any experiences with it.


Prague 11.07.2012 HD


Bruce Springsteen in Prague

Bruce Springsteen in Prague


Partial recording of the concert Bruce and the E-Street Band held in Prague last July.

Bruce Springsteen play there for the second time after The Ghost Of Tom Joad Tour, but it was the first full band concert.

At this link you can find the entire setlist.


It is the same footage from Prague I uploaded earlier today as a part of the “Wrecking Ball Tour 2012 – Prague and Vienna Snippets” DVD, but here are the original HD files (m2ts files, 1280×720 pixels rerolution). I hope some people will find it usefull, maybe someone might use it for a multi-cam project. I would be more than happy if it helps.

It is about 34 min. footage of snippets (no complete songs), filmed with Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 from very close – 4th-5th row, centre of the stage. The quality is very good IMO, but mainly for those who attended the show or compile a multi-cam project.



Did I Mention It’s My Birthday?

Did I mention It’s My Birthday? Bruce’s Birthday Show.

This bootleg is a remaster version of the Bakerstuff recording and contain the concert of September the 22nd 2012 at Metlife Stadium.

The show started very late – almost three hours later than scheduled – because of a storm, so it ended on September the 23rd.


  1.  Intro
  2. Out In The Street
  3. The Ties That Bind
  4. Cynthia
  5. Badlands
  6. Who’ll Stop the Rain
  7. Cover Me
  8. Downbound Train
  9. We Take Care Of Our Own Continue reading

My Wrecking Ball Tour 2012-2013

wrecking ball springsteen

During these latest two years I saw (maybe it is better to say “we” saw) Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band eight times.

We started on May the 27th 2012 in Koln and we closed our tour in Paris on June the 29th 2013.


  1. Cologne 27.05.2012 – setlistbootleg
  2. Trieste 11.06.2012 – setlist – bootleg – DVD
  3. Prague 11.07.2012 – setlistbootleg
  4. Wien 12.07.2012 – setlistbootleg
  5. Helsinki 31.07.2012 – setlistbootleg
  6. Padua 31.05.2013 – setlist – bootleg
  7. London 15.06.2013- setlist – bootleg  
  8. Paris 29.06.2013 – setlist – bootleg

In this post (to be updated) you can find all my concerts.

What about you? How many concerts did you attend?



European Wrecking Ball Compilation Part 2

springsteen in europe 2012

Second part of the Wrecking Ball Tour Compilation 2012. These six CDs contain the songs played in Europe.

I’m still looking for the artworks for the bootleg.



  1. Who’ll Stop The Rain
  2. Thunder Road
  3. This Hard Land
  4. Long Walk Home
  5. The Ghost Of Tom Joad
  6. The Promise Land
  7. When I Leave Berlin
  8. Don’t Look Back
  9. I Fought The Love
  10. Cover Me
  11. Night
  12. Badlands
  13. Rocking All Over The World
  14. The Ties That Bind
  15. We Take Care Of Our Own
  16. My Lucky Day
  17. Hungry Heart


  1. No Surrender 
  2. Wrecking Ball
  3. Two Hearts
  4. Death To My Hometown
  5. My City Of Ruins
  6. Spirit In The Night
  7. Seaside Bar Song
  8. Rendezvous
  9. I’m A Rocker
  10. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?
  11. Trapped
  12. The E-Street Shuffle


  1. Something In The Night 
  2. Lost In The Flood
  3. Loose Ends
  4. Ain’t Good Enough For You
  5. Talk To Me
  6. Be True
  7. Growin’ Up
  8. Out In The Street
  9. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
  10. This Hard Land
  11. Take’Em As They Come
  12. Red Headed Woman
  13. It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City
  14. Sandy – 4th of July


  1. Who’ll Stop The Rain
  2. Working On A Dream
  3. Proud Mary
  4. Empty Sky
  5. Girls In Their Summer Clothes
  6. Frankie
  7. Jake Of All Trades
  8. This Depression – acoustic
  9. Seeds
  10. She’s The One
  11. Candy’s Room
  12. You Can Look
  13. Prove It All Night
  14. Murder Inc.
  15. Downbound Train


  1. I’m On fire 
  2. Incident On 57th Street
  3. Jackson Cage
  4. Easy Money
  5. Intro
  6. Spanish Eyes
  7. Where The Bands Are
  8. This Depression
  9. Atlantic City
  10. Streets Of Fire
  11. Burning Love
  12. Light Of Day
  13. Youngstown
  14. Darlingtown County


  1. Johhny 99
  2. Shackled And Drawn
  3. Working On The Highway
  4. Save My Love
  5. Waitin’
  6. Summertime Blues
  7. Raise Your Hand
  8. The Promised Land
  9. My Hometown
  10. Apollo Medley
  11. You Got It
  12. Point Blank