Bruce Springsteen Archive Series

Finally Bruce Springsteen opened his archives, and since November 2014 some old bootleg surfed out, even if the first volume released was recorded on March 2012 during the Wrecking Ball Tour.

Bruce Springsteen Archive Series

  1. Apollo Theater 09.03.2012
  2. The Agora 09.08.1978
  3. Tower Theater 31.12.1975
  4. Nassau Veterans 31.12.1980

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Then She Kissed Me

Bruce Springsteen played Then She Kissed Me in Sunrise in Florida on September 13th 2009 during the Working On A Dream Tour.


“Then She Kissed Me”

Well, she walked up to me
And she asked me if I wanted to dance
She looked kind of nice
And so I said I might take a chance

When we danced she held me tight
And when I walked her home that night
All the stars were shinin’ bright
And then she kissed me

Each time I saw her I couldn’t wait to see her again
I wanted to let her know that she was more than a friend
I didn’t know just what to do, so I whispered I love you
She said that she loved me too and then she kissed me

She kissed me in a way that I’d never been kissed before
She kissed me in a way that I want to be kissed forever more

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Boston 30.05.1978


Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band played in Boston on May 29th, 30th and 31st 1978 respectively the concert number 5, 6 and 7 of the Darkness On The Edge Of Town Tour.

Because The Night has been played for the first time ever.



  1. Badlands
  2. Night
  3. Spirit In The Night
  4. Something In The Night
  5. For You
  6. The Promised Land
  7. Prove It All Night
  8. Racing In The Street
  9. Thunder Road
  10. Paradise By The C
  11. Fire
  12. Adam Raised A Cain
  13. Candy’s Room

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Dancing In The Dark (with Adele)

On June 30th 2013 Bruce Springsteen pick up on stage his mother Adele during Dancing In The Dark.


I get up in the evening
and I ain’t got nothing to say
I come home in the morning
I go to bed feeling the same way
I ain’t nothing but tired
Man I’m just tired and bored with myself
Hey there baby, I could use just a little help

You can’t start a fire
You can’t start a fire without a spark
This gun’s for hire
even if we’re just dancing in the dark

Message keeps getting clearer
radio’s on and I’m moving ’round the place
I check my look in the mirror
I wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face
Man I ain’t getting nowhere
I’m just living in a dump like this
There’s something happening somewhere
baby I just know that there is

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