Before The Flood 31.12.1973

Un altro dei bootleg “classici” di Springsteen e la E-street band.

Qualche informazione:

Title: Before The Flood

Label: CU Records
Catalog #: CU 01/02
Format: 2 Cdr
Source: Audience
Bruce Base:
Story Teller:
Total Time: 2 hours 7 minutes 15 seconds
Date: 31st October 1973
Location: The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA

Transfer/Trade and Generation Info: Cdr Trade -> Eac (Secure) -> Flac (Level 8, Align on SB, Verify)

Disc 1 (69:26)
(01) 4th of July,Asbury Park(Sandy) (10:36)
(02) NYC Serenade (12:45)
(03) Spirit in the Night (6:27)
(04) Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street (5:39)
(05) The E Street Shuffle (5:24)
(06) Growin’ Up (3:05)
(07) Walkin’ the Dog (7:57)
(08) For You (4:43)
(09) Lost in the Flood (8:45)
(10) It’s Hard to be a Saint in the City (4:05)

Disc 2 (57:49 )
(01) Zero and Blind Terry (8:35)
(02) Blinded by the Light (5:40)
(03) Lost in the Flood (5:13)
(04) Spirit in the Night (5:15)
(05) Circus Song (6:04)
(06) Bishop Danced (4:33)
(07) Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street (5:26)
(08) Blinded by the Light (5:30)
(09) Thundercrack (11:33)


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Bootleg DVD del concerto di Springsteen e la E-street band a Charlotte l’ 8 dicembre del 2002, il tour di The Rising è ormai a quasi sei mesi.

Il bootleg è di monocamera filmato dall’ alto a sinistra. Ci sono diverse ostruzioni della visuale causa movimenti del pubblico.

La scaletta della serata:

01 The rising
02 Lonesome day
03 The ties that bind
04 Candy’s room
05 Night
06 Empty sky

07 You’re missing
08 Waitin’ on a sunny day
09 Darlington county
10 Worlds apart
11 Badlands
12 She’s the one
13 Mary’s place
14 Countin’ on a miracle
15 Backstreets
16 Into the fire
17 Where the bands are
18 Dancing in the dark
19 Born to run
20 My city of ruins
21 Born in the USA
22 Land of hope and dreams
23 Ramrod
24 Santa Claus is comin’ to town

Dello stesso concerto è uscita anche un’altra versione in DVD con migliore qualità audio/video.


Come dicevo qui Springsteen e la E-street hanno suonato di nuovo.

La scaletta e i relativi commenti sono di Jbirenz di Backstreets:

Just back from the Carousel. Some quick thoughts before I go to sleep.

It was one of the greatest Bruce experiences I’ve ever had. Unique. A great party mood. It was basically a movie set. The band was set up in the middle of the Carousel, with wires and cords and tracks and lighting and cameras all around. There were about 60 of us let in; when we got in, there were already around 20 people (not counting crew) inside. Seems like they were mostly family and friends, including Bruce’s Mom (at one point Bruce pointed to where they were and joked that his relatives would be signing autographs later.) Danny Clinch was photographing. Jon Landau was there.

We were placed in 3 or 4 groups behind Max/the horns/Roy, and in front of Bruce/Steve/Clarence. Occasionally we were moved around, changed front-to-back, etc. Basically, each of us spent half the show behind the band, and half in front. They started at 4:35, ended at 7:45. 20 minute or so break in the middle.

There was a 5 piece horn section, including Ed Manion and Curt Rahm. No Nils, Patti, or Soozie. David Lindley played violin.

Set list:1. Racing In the Street (1978)
2. Gotta Get That Feeling
3. Outside Looking In
4. Come On (Let’s Go Tonight)
5. Save My Love
6. The Brokenhearted
7. Ain’t Good Enough for You
8. Talk To Me
9. The Promise
10. Blue Christmas

(Some songs might be out of order.) Every song was played through twice; IMO the second performance was always better. For some songs they re-did portions of the song after the second run-through.

Most exciting aspect — for 4 songs (Save My Love, Ain’t Good Enough For You, Talk to Me, Blue Christmas) Bruce brought the audience, all of us, right up to the band (front and back), and sometimes inside the band — literally amongst the players. At one point, during Ain’t Good Enough For You — a real party song — Bruce was on Roy’s piano, and a bunch of us were right in front of them. I was at the back of that group. Immediately behind me, a few inches behind me, Steve and Garry shared Steve’s mic singing. Bruce came off the piano, through the “crowd”, and joined them, and we all turned around — putting me basically just about with Bruce, Steve, and Garry. If I had leaned forward a few inches, I coulda been singing with them.

Bruce a few times referred to the audience as “the 59 of you”, and at one point said we were such a good audience that all future ESB shows would have audiences of 59 people, and then he told us that this audience of 59 would be the audience at future ESB shows.

The Brokenhearted was a revelation. It is (well, was) my least favorite song on The Promise. In concert it turned into a Memphis blues number. After the first take, Steve came over to the horns and, clearly not satisfied with how they performed it, gave them instructions. The second take was significantly better, and I watched Steve watching them with satisfaction. After the second take, Bruce and Steve came over and gave them more instructions, and they did a few more takes (I think of just the latter part of the song, but I’m not sure) and the ending, featuring the horns, was even more improved. I loved the song.

To me, Talk To Me was the power song of the night.

Bruce explained that Come On (Let’s Go Tonight) was largely about Elvis Presley’s death.

Blue Christmas was a rocking rendition.

They handed out Santa hats for all of us for the song.

Opportunities at the end for handshaking, etc. (I got a Bruce hug.)

No cameras or cell phones. What a pleasure — should be a rule at all concerts!

Qui trovate qualche foto.

A quanto ho capito la registrazione del concerto dovrebbe essere trasmessa prima di Natale.

Qualcuno ha altre informazioni o ha sentito versioni diverse?


Leggendo qua e là in internet si inizia a parlare di un nuovo tour di Springsteen e la E-street band nel 2011.

You’ve heard about the folks over in Australia giddy over the rumor of a 2011 Springsteen tour that would hit the Land Down Under. So what if there’s no reputable source, and it will probably turn out to be The Wiggles instead? They can dream, can’t they?

From our perspective here (“here” meaning “closer to Jersey than Sydney”), though, any tour rumor is a good rumor. Because eventually, tour rumors turn into tour realities — it sometimes just takes a while. But there’s ample evidence that the promised year-or-so off for Bruce and the band might wind up being shorter than anticipated:
1) The man is clearly invested in this material. I always get a kick out of seeing Springsteen described as “press-shy” — that may have been true once upon a time, but these days he’s basically basking in the media spotlight. The fact that he’s turning up for all these guest spots, red carpets and Q&A’s says that he wants this material out in front of his fans — and what better way to get it there than through, you know, playing it?
2) All that “sooner rather than later” talk from the band. Could be wishful thinking, but Max in particular seems to beat the “sooner” drum (awkward analogy intended) whenever he can. Even the recuperating Clarence seems eager to get back on the road, judging from his performances this past summer.
3) Did you see Springsteen with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon? Methinks he wants to play. And not just atWoody’s Roadside Tavern either.
Of course, there’s always the chance that Springsteen will start off with some other combo — the Sessions Band, a Bruce Springsteen Trio of Bruce, Garry and Max (OK, we’ll call it a quartet and throw Roy in too), a Springsteen/Roots tour, so he can raid Fallon’s show like he used to do Conan’s. Then there’s the solo tour possibility — or maybe we’ll be waiting another year and a half or so for a full-fledged E Street outing, like they said in the first place.
Well, the one good thing about not knowing — we can indulge in more uninformed speculation! And that is why God invented the blogosphere.

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