LOOSE ENDS – 21.07.2009

L’apertura del concerto di Torino di ormai quasi 2 anni.

Grande occasione persa per sentire Drive all night dal vivo.

Il testo:

We met out on open streets when we had no place to go
I remember how my heart beat when you said I love you so
Then little by little we choked out all the life that our love could hold
Oh no

It’s like we had a noose and baby without check
We pulled until it grew tighter around our necks
Each one waiting for the other, darlin’, to say when
Well baby you can meet me tonight on the loose end

We didn’t count tomorrows, we took what we could and baby we ran
There was no time for sorrow, every place we went I held your hand
And when the night closed in I was sure your kisses told me all I had to know
But oh no


Our love has fallen around us like we said it never could
We saw it happen to all the others but to us it never would
Well how could something so bad, darling, come from something that was so good
I don’t know




Seconda ed ultima serata per Bruce Springsteen e la E-Street band al Madison Square Garden di New York durante il tour di Working in a dream.

Il bootleg della Cristal Cat, oltre che la scaletta dell’ intera serata dedicata a The river contiene 8 bonus tracks fra cui London Calling, You May Be Right e Born to Run tratte dal 25esimo anniversario della Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (29 ottobre 2010).

01 Wrecking ball
02 The ties that bind
03 Sherry darling
04 Jackson cage
05 Two hearts
06 Independence day
07 Hungry heart
08 Out in the street
09 Crush on you
10 You can look (but you better not touch)

11 I wanna marry you
12 The river
13 Point blank
14 Cadillac ranch
15 I’m a rocker
16 Fade away
17 Stolen car
18 Ramrod
19 The price you pay
20 Drive all night
21 Wreck on the Highway
22 Waitin’ on a sunny day
23 Atlantic City
24 Badlands
25 Born to run
26 Seven nights to rock
27 Sweet soul music
28 No surrender
29 American land
30 Dancing in the dark
31 Can’t help falling in love
32 Higher and higher



I dettagli di questo triplo bootleg audio di Springsteen che testimonia il concerto a Londra del 28 giugno 2009 durante il tour di Working on a dream.

Bruce Springtseen & The E Street Band,
Hyde Park, London, England – ‘Hard Rock Calling’ festival 2009
Sunday 28th June 2009

Re-Mastered version of Essexboy’s recording

Audio Format…..: FLAC (Lossless, Level 8)
Bit-Depth……..: 16-Bit
Sample Rate……: 48,000 Hz

Lineage: Original Essexboy FLACs > Traders Little Helper (to WAV) > Adobe Audition (Multiband compression, I included a screenshot of the settings used) > Export to WAVs > FLAC Frontend (Level 8, Align)

I originally did this just to dub the incomplete screenshot DVD I posted yesterday, but after someone at JL in the comments section for that asked if I could do all the audio I realised that the essexboy original was in fact the only version circulating at the time. So I decided that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to finish and upload the whole thing.

The original was extrmemly bass heavy with everything else overpowered by it. I reduced the low end and boosted the high end and compressed the dymanic range of everything to balance it all out. The bass is still very well defined and present, but it just doesn’t overpower eveything else anymore. It stil doesn’t sound brilliant, but it is better IMO.

All the track and CD splitting is identical to the original.

01. Intro
02. London Calling
03. Badlands
04. Night
05. She’s the One
06. Outlaw Pete
07. Out in the Street
08. Working on a Dream
09. Seeds
10. Johhny 99
11. Youngstown

01. Good Lovin’ (w/ sign collection)
02. Bobby Jean
03. Trapped
04. No Surrender (w/ Brian Fallon)
05. Waitin’ on a Sunny Day
06. The Promised Land
07. Racing in the Street
08. Radio Nowhere

01. Radio Nowhere
02. Lonesome Day
03. The Rising
04. Born to Run
05. Rosalita
06. Encore Break
07. Hard Times
08. Jungleland
09. American Land
10. Glory Days
11. Dancing in the Dark
12. Outro