The Highway Of Tom Joad

Da DVD 1996-1997
Da DVD 1996-1997

Il tour di The Ghost of Tom Joad è l’unico, fra quelli recenti, che mi dispiace non aver trovato i biglietti.

Questo bootleg in DVD intitolato The Highway of Tom Joad è una compilation che raccoglie varie performance di Bruce Springsteen fra il 1996 e il 1997.

  •  The Ghost At The Tonight Show
  • The Ghost Of Youngstown
  • Youngstown
  • The Ghost In Frankfurt
  • The Ghost In Sanremo
  • The Ghost The Ghost in Paris
  • The Oscars
  • The Ghost In Antwerp
  • Stop Prop 209 Rall
  • The River Of Freehold
  • The Ghost In Stockholm
  • Time Of Changin’
  • The Ghost In Japan
  • The Grammy
  • The Ghost In Florence
  • The Ghost Of Balcony
  • Tom Joad Is Alive In New Castle

La qualità complessiva è discreta.


The Ghost – Solo Acustic Tour 1996-1997

Imperdibile raccolta di bootleg del tour di The Ghost of Tom Joad realizzata da Ev2.

La raccolta, su 4 CD, comprende i concerti di Springsteen a Berlino (19.04.1996) e a Vienna (07.05.1997).

La scaletta delle due serate:

Title: The Ghost – Solo Acoustic Tour
‘Label’: Ev2
Format: 4CD
Source: Audience
– Dates and locations listed above the sets


Date: April 19, 1996.
Location: ICC, Berlin, Germany.
Title: “In The Most Constructive Spirit”

transferred from Master DAT (by ‘Drew’)
Sony pcm 2300 -> Zoltrix Nightingale ->
Cool Edit Pro (convert from 48k>44.1k)

Disc One:
01 The Ghost Of Tom Joad
02 “Ask Them To Shut The Fuck Up”
03 Adam Raised A Cain
04 “Maybe They Made You Feel Alive”
05 Straight Time
06 “A Wayward Shoesalesman”
07 Highway 29

08 Darkness On The Edge Of Town
09 Murder Incorporated
10 Nebraska
11 “That’s The Whole Story!”
12 The Little Things That Count
13 “Sort Of Really Stupid Song”
14 Sell It And They Will Come
15 “Nothing But National Forest”
16 Brothers Under The Bridge
17 Born In The U.S.A.
18 “Keep It From Falling Apart”
19 Dry Lightning
20 “That’s Not So Bad”
21 Spare Parts

Disc Two:
01 “We Knew As America”
02 Youngstown
03 “To My Mysterious Friend”
04 Sinaloa Cowboys
05 “Where That Line Really Is”
06 The Line
07 “Little Bastards”
08 Balboa Park
09 “Faith, Hope, & Believe In Love”
10 Across The Border
11 Bobby Jean
12 This Hard Land
13 Streets Of Philadelphia
14 “Ich Liebe Euch” *
15 Galveston Bay
16 The Promised Land

* Short cut on D2Track14 intro speech – no music lost.


Date: May 7, 1997.
Location: Austria Center, Vienna, Austria.
Title: “I Will Not Pass Vienna By Again”

transferred from Master DAT (by ‘Drew’)
Sony pcm 2300 -> Zoltrix Nightingale ->
Cool Edit Pro (convert from 48k>44.1k)

Disc Three:
01 The Ghost Of Tom Joad
02 “Einen Wunderbaren Tag”
03 Adam Raised A Cain
04 “Trying To Change Your Life”
05 Straight Time
06 “Speaking About Fucking Up”
07 Highway 29
08 Darkness On The Edge Of Town
09 Murder Incorporated
10 Point Blank
11 “It Might Be A Shitty Song”
12 In Freehold
13 “Very Happy Austrian Village”
14 Red Headed Woman
15 The River
16 Born In The U.S.A.
17 Youngstown
18 “Helicopter Comin’ In!”
19 Dry Lightning
20 “This Is A New Song”
21 Long Time Comin’

Disc Four:
01 “To My Mysterious Friend”
02 Sinaloa Cowboys
03 “Where That Line Is”
04 The Line
05 “When Grace Is Violated”
06 Balboa Park
07 “That’s All There Is”
08 Across The Border
09 Two Hearts (w/ Patti Scialfa)
10 This Hard Land
11 No Surrender
12 “What’s The Word For Fingers?”
13 If I Should Fall Behind
14 The Promised Land
15 Outro (Goodnight, Irene)

Qualche informazione aggiuntiva:


April 19, 1996. ICC, Berlin, Germany. (Discs 1-2):
– Three audio recordings from this show (“Darkness…”, “Born In The U.S.A.” and “Spare Parts”) were officially released on the European “Missing” CD EP later that same year.


May 7, 1997. Austria Center, Vienna, Austria (Discs 3-4):
– Rare Point Blank included in the show. Patti came out to sing backing vocals on “Two Hearts” during the encores.
– Pitch during this show is too high (on most parts) and runs too fast – I decided not to edit it as IMO it would just reduce from the quality of this master but please feel free to edit this all you want yourselves now that this is out there.

Thanks to ‘pavemalk’ for mailing me the master DAT tapes and (after I couldn’t convert them) huge thanks to ‘drewcatc’ for transferring the audio
from the DAT tapes. I owe you both a lot. And of course biggest thanks to the taper of all these great shows.


Uno migliori bootleg del tour di the Ghost of Tom Joad oltre che essere
uno dei mie bootleg preferiti in assoluto.

Ecco la scaletta:

01 For You
02 It’s hard to be a saint in the city
03 Atlantic City
04 Straight time
05 Tougher than the rest
06 Darkness on the edge of town
07 Johnny 99
08 All that heaven will allow
09 Wild Billy’s circus story
10 Red headed woman
11 Two hearts
12 When you’re alone
13 Shut out the light
14 Born in the USA
15 The ghost of Tom Joad
16 Sinaloa cowboys
17 The Line
18 Racing in the street
19 Across the border
20 I don’t want to go home
21 Spirit in the night
22 Rosalita (Come out tonight)
23 This hard land
24 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)

Splendida versione di Racing in the Street con Susie Tyrell al violino. Oltre che
la Susie in un paio di canzoni ci sono la Scialfa, Federici e Lopez.

Nel terzo CD ci sono le bonus tracks fra cui Long time coming che poi sarà pubblicata
su Devils & Dust nel 2005.

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