è ufficiale! Il nuovo album uscirà il 27 gennaio(sapete cosa regalarmi!).

Ecco i dettagli da backstreets:

It’s official: Bruce Springsteen’s new album is set for January 27 release on Columbia Records. Working on a Dream was recorded with the E Street Band and features twelve new Springsteen compositions plus two bonus tracks. It is the fourth collaboration between Springsteen and Brendan O’Brien, who produced and mixed the album.

Track list:
1. Outlaw Pete
2. My Lucky Day
3. Working On a Dream
4. Queen of the Supermarket
5. What Love Can Do
6. This Life
7. Good Eye
8. Tomorrow Never Knows
9. Life Itself
10. Kingdom of Days
11. Surprise, Surprise
12. The Last Carnival

Bonus tracks:
The Wrestler
A Night with the Jersey Devil

Springsteen said, “Towards the end of recording Magic, excited by the return to pop production sounds, I continued writing. When my friend producer Brendan O’Brien heard the new songs, he said, ‘Let’s keep going.’ Over the course of the next year, that’s just what we did, recording with the E Street Band during the breaks on last year’s tour. I hope Working on a Dream has caught the energy of the band fresh off the road from some of the most exciting shows we’ve ever done. All the songs were written quickly, we usually used one of our first few takes, and we all had a blast making this one from beginning to end.”

Working on a Dream is Bruce Springsteen’s twenty-fourth album and was recorded and mixed at Southern Tracks in Atlanta, GA with additional recording in New York City, Los Angeles, and New Jersey. [press release from]


Tutti i bootleg della Godfather, non solo di Springsteen:

G.R.01/02 Radiohead [ THE KID PARADE ] Pacio De Congresos, Salamanca, Spain 8/7/02

G.R.03 Oasis [ REHABSOLUTELY FABULOUS ] Belfast, Ireland 6/30/02

G.R.04/05 Bruce Springsteen [ THE RISING TOUR REHEARSALS ]

G.R.06/07 U2 [ RACE OF ANGELS ] Adelaide, Australia 10/27/89

G.R.08/09 Rolling Stones [ TOURING BAND 2002 ] Aragon Theatre, Chicago, IL. USA. 9/16/02 + Palais Royale, Toronto, ON. Canada 8/8/02

G.R.10/11/12 Bruce Springsteen [ SOMETHING SPECIAL IN THE NIGHT] Palamalaguti, Bologna, Italy 10/18/02

G.R.13 Bruce Springsteen [ RAIN ON YOU ] Rose Center, New York City, NY. USA 8/29/02

G.R.14 Jeff Buckley [ JAPANESE WHISPER ] Liquidroom, Tokyo, Japan 1/30/95


G.R.16 Nirvana [ HEART SHAPED ROME ]

G.R.17/18 Bruce Springsteen [ INTIMATE NIGHT ] Somerville Theater, Somerville 2/19/03

G.R.19 Jeff Buckley [ TEARS FROM THE STARS ] Mercury Lounge, NY. USA 12/31/95

G.R.20 Coldplay [ BLUE EYES ] Gwinnett County Civic & Cultural Center, Atlanta, GA. USA 3/6/03

G.R.21/22 Iron Maiden [ THE WILDEST DREAM ] Rock am Ring Festival, Nürburgring, Germany 6/6/03

G.R.23/24 Metallica [ LIVE IT OR LIE IT ] Rock am Ring Festival, Nürburgring, Germany 6/8/03

G.R.25/26 Radiohead [ HAIL HAIL UK ] Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, UK 5/24/03

G.R.27/28/29 Bruce Springsteen [ LIKE YOUNG LOVERS ] Florence,Italy 6/8/03

G.R.30 Oasis [ WITNNESS THE CHEMISTRY ] Witnness Festival, Fairyhouse Racecourse, Ireland 7/14/02

G.R.31/32 Rolling Stones [ ITALIAN LICKS ] Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, San Siro, Italy 6/10/03

G.R.33 U2 [ FREE AT LAST ] Modena, Italy 5/27/03

G.R.34/35/36 Bruce Springsteen [ LET IT RAIN ] Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, San Siro, Italy 6/28/03


G.R.39/40/41 Bruce Springsteen [ THE LONGEST NIGHT ] Dublin, Ireland 5/31/03

G.R.42 R.E.M. [ THE EVENING TEAM ] Missoula, MT. USA 9/31/03

G.R.43 Iron Maiden [ NORTHERN FEAR ] Stockholm Stadion, Stockholm, Sweden 6/28/03

G.R.44 Muse [ PARIS – LONDON SYNDROME ] Le Trebendo, Paris, France 9/10/03 + BBC Radio 1, London, UK 9/18/03 (SBD)

G.R.45/46/47 U2 [ DESERT ROADS ] Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, AZ. USA 12/19/97 + Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA. USA 11/18/87

G.R.48 Radiohead [ HIGH FIDELITY ] 06.10.03, Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA. USA 10/6/03

G.R.49 Bruce Springsteen [ MURDER INCORPORATED ] The Hit Factory, New York, NY. USA 1982-1984

G.R.50/51 Pink Floyd [ ONE OF THOSE DAYS ] Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany 11/17/72

G.R.52/53/54 Bruce Springsteen [ THE LAST DANCE ] Shea Stadium, NY. USA 10/4/03

G.R.55 The Strokes [ 10:31 ] Lowell, MA. USA 10/31/03

G.R.56 Guns N’ Roses [ A NIGHT AT THE RITZ ] The Ritz, New York, NY. USA 3/17/89

G.R.57 Iron Maiden [ REMEMBER NAGOYA ] Nagoya,Japan 5/23/81

G.R.58/59 Queen [ FOR DREAMERS ONLY ] Maimarktgelände, Mannheim, Germany 6/21/86

G.R.60/61/62 Bruce Springsteen [ SINGIN’ OUR BIRTHDAY SONGS ] Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ. USA 9/21/78

G.R.63 The Darkness [ THE LAST MISSION ] MTV Studios, Milan, Italy 2/25/04

G.R.64 AC/DC [ BACK THROUGH THE WIRE ] Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, OH. USA 2/11/78

G.R.65/66 Dream Theater [ EN DIRECTO ] Multiuso La Cubierta, Madrid, Spain 2/11/04

G.R.67 Jeff Buckley [ PRELUDE TO A DREAM – THE NEW YORK GARBAGE CAN TAPE ] Home Demos 1992

G.R.68/69 Bruce Springsteen [ THE PUNK MEETS THE GODFATHER ] The Bottom Line, New York City, NY. USA 8/15/75

G.R.70 Oasis [ DEFINITELY FOREVER ] Glastonbury Festival, UK 6/25/04

G.R.71 Metallica [ THE HEAVIEST NIGHT OF THEIR LIFE ] Lyceum Ballroom, London, UK 12/12/84

G.R.72/73 Bruce Springsteen [ HOME OF THE 76ERS ] Spectrum Arena, Philadelphia, PA. USA 10/27/76

G.R.74 The Cure [ THE GOTHFATHER ] L’Olympia, Paris, France 6/30/04

G.R.75/76 Michael Jackson [ NEW YEAR’S EVE IN BRUNEI ] Jerudong Park Garden, Brunei 10/31/96

G.R.77 U2 [ A HOME AWAY FROM HOME ] Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland 11/6/84

G.R.78/79 Bruce Springsteen [ ROCK FOR CHANGE ] Gund Arena, Cleveland, OH. USA 10/2/04

G.R.80/81 Bruce Springsteen [ BETTER MEN ] Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ. USA 10/13/04

G.R.82 U2 [ ALL OF THIS CAN BE YOURS ] Radio + TV 2004

G.R.83/84/85 Bruce Springsteen [ A LOVE AFFAIR ] Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milan, Italy 6/21/85


G.R.88 Belle & Sebastian [ WE COULD BE DREAMING ] Tradgarn, Gothenburg, Sweden 3/25/04 + BBC Sessions, London, UK 1996 (SBD)

G.R.89/91 Bruce Springsteen [ MERRY XMAS BABY ] Nassau Coliseum, Nassau, NY. USA 12/28/80

G.R.92 Nick Cave [ INTO THE ABATTOIR ] London, UK 10/29/04 + Milan, Italy 11/29/04

G.R.93 Duran Duran [ YOU CAN TOUCH THE SUNRISE ] Hammersmith Palais, London, UK 1/13/05

G.R.94/95 U2 [ NEON HEARTS ] San Diego, CA. USA 3/28/05

G.R.96 U2 [ THE SONGS ARE IN YOUR EYES ] Various 2003-2005

G.R.97 Oasis [ CALLING ALL THE STARS ] London, UK 5/6/05 + London, UK 5/23/05 + Milan, Italy 5/12/05

G.R.98 System Of A Down [ YOU DEPEND ON OUR PROTECTION ] London, UK 4/4/05 + New York, NY. USA 5/7/05 + Sydney, Australia 1/26/05 + London, UK 1/19/01

G.R.99/100 U2 [ COEXIST ] Chicago, IL. USA 5/12/05

G.R.101/102 Bruce Springsteen [ THE POWERFUL THING ] Palamalaguti, Bologna, Italy 6/4/05

G.R.103/104 Bruce Springsteen [ ONCE UPON A TIME IN ROME ] Rome, Italy 6/6/05

G.R.105-106 Bruce Springsteen [ DREAM MILANO DREAM ] Forum, Milan, Italy 6/7/05

G.R.107 Coldplay [ CANDEM ] Koko, Candem, London, UK 6/6/05

G.R.108 U2 [ INTO THE LIGHT ] Cologne, Germany 6/13/05 + Twickenham Stadium, London, UK 6/18/05

G.R.109/110 U2 [ THE MEN SAID CHILDHOOD ] Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland 6/25/05

G.R.111 Queen [ A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS ] Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 12/24/75

G.R.112/113 U2: [ BELLISSIMA ROMA ] Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy 7/23/05

G.R.114/115 Bruce Springsteen [ KEEP ON DREAMIN ] ICC, Berlin, Germany 6/28/05


G.R.117/118 Bruce Springsteen [ STRAIGHT INTO OUR HEARTS ] Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI. USA 8/7/05

G.R.119/120 U2 [ LOVE ON THE TRACKS ] Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland 6/27/05

G.R.121/122 U2 [ I AM BECAUSE WE ARE ] Madison Square Garden, New York, NY. USA 10/8/05

G.R.123/124 U2 […A 40 MINUTES VERSION OF BAD? ] Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY. USA 10/10/05

G.R.125 Pink Floyd [ OLD SYMPHONIES ] Paris Theater, London, UK 7/16/70 + Piper Club, Rome, Italy 5/6/68

G.R.126/127 Rolling Stones [ JAMMIN’ SIDE BY SIDE ] Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA. USA 10/10/05

G.R.128/129/130 Bruce Springsteen [ GREETINGS FROM TRENTON, NJ ] Sovereign Bank Arena, Trenton, NJ. USA 11/22/05

G.R.131/132 U2 [ SOMEWHERE IN OUR HEARTS ] TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, MA. USA 12/4/05

G.R.133/134 U2 [ ALL SHINE ON! ] TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, MA. USA 12/5/05

G.R.135 Depeche Mode [ ANGELS WITH SILVER WINGS ] (Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA. USA 12/11/05 + Los Angeles 12/12/98

G.R.136 Bob Dylan [ MERCY ON US ] “Oh Mercy” studio sessions, Studio On The Move 3/89-4/89

G.R.137/138 Bruce Springsteen [ RUNNING OUT OF INNOCENCE ] Record Plant, Blauvelt, NY. USA 1975 + 914 Sounds Studios, Blauvelt, NY. USA 1973

G.R.139/140 U2 [ PEOPLE LIKE US ] Copenhagen, Denmark 7/31/05

G.R.141 Kiss [ NOT FOR THE INNOCENT ] Outtakes collection

G.R.142/143 David Gilmour [ LET THE NIGHT SURROUND YOU ] Teatro degli Arcimboldi, Milan, Italy 3/25/06

G.R.144 Red Hot Chili Peppers [ CANVAS CLUB ] Canvas Club, Kings Cross, London, UK 4/14/06

G.R.145/146 Radiohead [ ERASING ] Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 5/9/06

G.R.147/148 Bruce Springsteen [ MY ITALIAN HOME (IT BLOWED AWAY) ] Forum, Milan, Italy 5/12/06

G.R.149 Bruce Springsteen [ THE CHURCH SESSIONS ] LSO St Lukes Church, London, UK 5/9/06

G.R.150/151 Bruce Springsteen [ THE SPIRIT OF UNCLE SAM ] Palais Bercy, Paris, France 5/10/06

G.R.152/153 Bruce Springsteen [ AMERICAN LAND ] Madison Square Garden, New York, NY. USA 6/22/06

G.R.154/155 Bruce Springsteen [ SPARKS ON THE BALLROOM ] Electric Ballroom, Atlanta, GA. USA 8/23/75

G.R.156/157 Rolling Stones [ CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milan, Italy 7/11/06

G.R.158/159 Madonna [ ITALIAN CONFESSIONS ] Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy 8/6/06

G.R.160 Rolling Stones [ STEEL WHEELS SESSIONS ] AIR Studios, Monserrat, West Indies 3/29/89-5/15/89

G.R.161/162 U2 [ BURNING DOWN LOVE ]Wembley Stadium, London, UK 6/12/87

G.R.163/164 Bruce Springsteen [ FOLK AND FIRE ] Verona Arena, Verona, Italy 10/5/06

G.R.165/166 Bruce Springsteen [ BROTHERS AND SISTERS ] Palalottomatica, Rome, Italy 10/10/06

G.R.167/168 Queen [ WORKS IN MILAN ] Palazzo dello Sport, Milan, Italy 9/15/84 + Brussels, Belgium 9/21/84

G.R.169/170/171 Bruce Springsteen [ ROSES FOR ROME ] Stadio Flaminio, Rome, Italy 6/15/88

G.R.172 Jeff Buckley [ BORN AGAIN FROM THE RHYTHM: THE GRACE OUTTAKES ] Bearville Recording Studios, Woodstock, NY. USA 1993

G.R.173 Noel Gallagher [ LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE SO HAPPY ] Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, ON. Canada 11/7/06 + AOL Sessions 10/23/06

G.R.174/175 U2 [ LIGHTS DOWN UNDER ] Telstra Dome, Melbourne, Australia 11/18/06

G.R.176/177 Pink Floyd [ AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW ] Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA. USA 9/22/72

G.R.178 Rolling Stones [ NO SMOKING IN GLASGOW ] Hampdem Park, Glasgow, Scotland 8/25/06

G.R.179/180 U2 [ JAPANESE SKIES ] Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan 11/29/06

G.R.181/182 U2 [ ALOHA STADIUM: THE LAST CONCERT OF VERTIGO TOUR ] Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, HI. USA 12/9/06

G.R.183/184 Bruce Springsteen [ FROM THE DARK HEART OF A DREAM ] Music Hall, Boston, MA. USA 3/25/77

G.R.185 Tom Waits [ AT THE CIVIC CENTER ] Civic Theatre, Akron, OH. USA 8/13/06

G.R.186/187 Iron Maiden [ REVENGE IS LIVING IN THE PAST ] Globen, Stockholm, Sweden 11/18/06 + Rome, Italy 10/27/81

G.R.188/189 Rolling Stones [ WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE! ] Estadio Vincente Calderon, Madrid, Spain 6/16/90

G.R.190 Guns N’ Roses [ SELFDESTRUCTION BLUES ] “Appetite For Destruction” and “Lies” Studio Sessions

G.R.191 Bruce Springsteen [ WHERE THE FOUR WINDS BLOW ] Cleveland, OH. USA 6/3/74

G.R.192/193/194 Bruce Springsteen [ BROKEN DREAMS AND REASONS TO BELIEVE ] Nebraska Live Collection 1984, 1990 & 2005

G.R.195/196 Rolling Stones [ THROUGH THE VAULTS DARKLY ] Outtakes and alternate versions from new found studio reels and original acetates from 1968 to 1983

G.R.197 Nirvana [ THE DRUIDS JAM ] Melbourne, Australia, The Palace, 2/1/92 + Los Angeles, CA. USA “Video Music Awards ” 9/10/92 + London, UK, “Jonathan Ross ” TV, Show 12/91 + Rome, Italy, “Tunnel “, Rai TV Studios, 2/23/94

G.R.198/199 Bob Dylan [ HEART BURNIN’, STILL YEARNIN’ ] Color Line Arena, Hamburg, Germany 4/4/07 + Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany 4/19/07

G.R.200 Radiohead [ ROCK OZ ] Rock Oz ‘ Arènes, Avenches, Switzerland 8/15/06

G.R.201/202/203 Bruce Springsteen [ PHILADELPHIA SPECIAL ] The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA. USA 9/18/84

G.R.204/205 Roger Waters [ THE MOON OVER SANTIAGO ] Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile 3/14/07

G.R.206/207 Rolling Stones [ SOME KIND OF FASHION ] Tarrant County, Fort Worth, TX. USA 7/18/78

G.R.208 Iron Maiden [ SUMMER FESTIVAL ] Milwaukee Summerfestival, Milwaukee, WI. USA 6/26/81

G.R.209 Joy Division [ THE YOUTH CLUB ] Bowden Vale Youth Club, Altrincham, Cheshire, UK 3/14/79 + Prince Of Wales Conference Centre, YMCA, London, UK 8/2/79

G.R.210 Bruce Springsteen [ MOUNTAIN OF LOVE ] Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, Philadelphia, PA. USA 12/31/75 + Joe’s Place, Cambridge, MA. USA 1/6/74

G.R.211 Kiss [ FIRST KISS FIRST LICKS ] WABX Kite-In and Balloon Fly, Michigan Palace, Detroit, MI. USA 4/7/74 + Allison Steel the Nightbird, First Interview with Kiss 6/23/74 + Demo Recordings + NB9001 Warner Bros, Radio Spot for Kiss First Album

G.R.212/213 Queen [ A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS – DEFINITIVE EDITION ] Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 12/24/75 + Tokyo, Japan ’75 + DVD

G.R.214 The White Stripes [ TURNING INTO YOU ] O2 Wireless festival, London, UK 6/14/07 + Jo Whiley Live Lounge BBC Radio 1, Maida Vale Studios, London, UK 6/13/07

G.R.215 R.E.M. [ WORKING REHEARSALS ] Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, 7/4/07

G.R.216/217 Rolling Stones [ IT’S NICE TO BE BACK……WHEREVER WE ARE! ] Outdoor Exhibition Centre, Brno, Czech Republic, 7/22/07 + Puskâs Ferenc Stadion, Budapest, Hungary 7/20/07

G.R.218 Bob Dylan [ THE NAKED EMPIRE ] Empire Burlesque Sessions, New York, NY. USA + Hollywood, CA. USA 7/84-4/85

G.R.219/220 Rolling Stones [ NO SPARE PARTS – THROUGH THE VAULTS DARKLY VOLUME 2 ] Outtakes and alternate versions from the new found studio reels and original acetates from 1964 to 2005

G.R.221/222 The Police [ WELCOME TO THIS THREE-MEN SHOW ] The Globe, Stockholm, Sweden 8/30/07 + Phoenix, AZ. USA 6/18/07

G.R.223/224 Led Zeppelin [ ANY PORT IN A STORM – THE LOST SOUNDBOARD SHOW ] Old Refectory, Southampton University, Southampton, UK 1/22/73

G.R.225/226 Queen [ AS IT BEGAN – THE COMPLETE BBC ARCHIVES ] BBC Sessions 1973-1974

G.R.227/228 Rolling Stones [ TOUR OF EUROPE ’76 REVISITED ] Pavilion de Paris, Les Abattoirs, Paris, France 6/4/76

G.R.229/230 Bruce Springsteen [ A REASON TO BEGIN AGAIN ] Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA. USA 10/6/07 + Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ. USA 10/9/07 + 10/10/07

G.R.231 Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris [ MAKING HISTORY ] Arena, Verona, Italy, 6/3/06

G.R.232/233 Prince [ LONDON-PLANET EARTH ] O2 Arena, London, UK 9/13/07 + After show, Indigo Arena, London, UK 9/9/07

G.R.234/235 Bruce Springsteen [ IT’S BOSS TIME ] Palace Of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI. USA 11/5/07 + Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH. USA 11/4/07

G.R.236/237 Neil Young [ THE NEVERENDING DREAM ] Velma Morrison Center, Boise, ID. USA 10/18/07

G.R.238/239 Bruce Springsteen [ SON I’M LUCKY IN THIS TOWN ] TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, MA. USA 11/19/07 + 11/18/07

G.R.240/241 Bruce Springsteen [ IF YOU MAKE YOUR HOME IN MILAN ] Forum, Milan, Italy, 11/28/07 + Pittsburgh, PA. USA 11/14/07

G.R.242/243 Bruce Springsteen [ THERE’S MAGIC IN THE NIGHT ] Sap Arena, Mannheim, Germany 12/2/07 + Oslo, Norway 12/4/07

G.R.244/245 Rolling Stones [ TOUR OF THE AMERICAS 1975 ] Boston Garden, Boston, MA. USA 6/12/75

G.R.246/247 Bruce Springsteen [ THE BIG FIESTA ] Bilbao Exhibition Center, Bilbao, Spain 11/26/07 + Madrid, Spain 11/25/07

G.R.248 Led Zeppelin [ L’OLYMPIA ] L’Olympia, Paris, France 10/10/69

G.R.249/250 Rolling Stones [ THE LAST TIME – THROUGH THE VAULTS DARKLY VOLUME 3 ] Outtakes and alternate versions from the new found studio reels from the ’60s-’90s

G.R.251/252 Bruce Springsteen [ AN AMERICAN SANTA IN PARIS ] Palais Omnisports De Bercy, Paris, France 12/17/07

G.R.253 Neil Young [ CHROME DREAMS ] Legenday lost album remastered including unreleased songs and alternate versions + bonus tracks

G.R.254/255 Pink Floyd [ HUNTING ANIMALS IN BERLIN ] Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany 1/30/77

G.R.256/257/258 Bruce Springsteen [ A NIGHT FOR THE VIETNAM VETERANS ] Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA, USA 8/20/81 + bonus tracks Los Angeles, CA. USA 1981

G.R.259/260 U2 [ 12 SILVER STRINGS – THE FIRST NIGHT WITH BB KING] Tarrant Country Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX. USA 11/24/87

G.R.261 The Beatles [ THE ESHER DEMOS – THE ACOUSTIC MASTERPIECES REMASTERED ] 16 Claremont Drive, Esher, Surrey, UK, Late May 1968

G.R.262 Rolling Stones [ 66 ROUTE ] International Center, Honolulu, HI. 7/28/66 + Palais Theater, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia 2/24/66 + Bonus Tracks 1966-1967

G.R.263/264 Neil Young [ CONTINENTAL TOUR IN BERLIN ] ICC Saal 1, Berlin, Germany 2/26/08

G.R.265/266 Led Zeppelin [ A MEMORY FROZEN FOREVER ] Eissporthalle, Berlin, Germany 7/7/80

G.R.267/268 Pink Floyd [ WISHES, ECHOES AND DESIRES ] Nassau Coliseum, New York, NY. USA 6/17/75

G.R.269 Bruce Springsteen [ DOES THIS BUS STOP AT MAX’S? ] Max’s Kansas City, New York, NY. USA 1/31/73 + bonus tracks

G.R.270 R.E.M. [ ENJOY YOURSELF WITH NO REGRETS ] The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK 3/24/08 + Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy, 3/18/08 + Stubb’s , Austin, TX. USA 3/12/08

G.R.271 Madonna [ BLOND AMBITION DALLAS ] Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX. USA 5/7/90

G.R.272/273 Eddie Vedder [ ACOUSTICALLY WILD ] Zellerbach Auditorium, University of California, Berkeley, CA. USA 4/7/08

G.R.274/275 Bruce Springsteen [ LAND OF 1000 DANCES ] The Palladium, New York, NY, USA 10/30/76 + bonus tracks

G.R.276 Kiss [ ELECTRIC MAGIC ] The Brewery, East Lansing, MI. USA 10/21/74

G.R.277/278 Rolling Stones [ WELCOME TO THE VOODOO LOUNGE ] Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ. USA 8/14/94 + Ellis Park, Johannesburg, South Africa 2/25/94 + RFK Stadium, Washington DC 8/1/94

G.R.279 Oasis [ DREAMS IS A RECORD MACHINE – DEMOS FROM 21st CENTURY AND MORE ] Demos and unreleased songs

G.R.280/281/282 Bruce Springsteen [ SOMETHING SPECIAL IN THOSE NIGHTS – MAGIC TOUR 3RD LEG GEMS ] 44 tracks from 2/28/2008-4/30/08

G.R.283/284 Robert Plant & Alison Krauss [ THEIR LONG JOURNEY ] Philips Halle, Dusseldorf, Germany 5/10/08 + bonus tracks

G.R.285 Joy Division [ THE DUTCH RECORDINGS ] Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1/11/80 + Effenaar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 1/18/80

G.R.286/287 Led Zeppelin [ ROYAL ALBERT HALL: THE INITIAL TAPES ] Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, 10/9/70

G.R.288/289 Kiss [ ALIVE AGAIN! ] Arena, Verona, Italy 5/13/08 + bonus tracks

G.R.290 Coldplay [ THE NIGHT OVER LONDON ] Brixton Academy, London, UK 6/16/08 + Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

G.R.291 Radiohead [ GOD LOVES HIS CHILDREN ] Festival Daydream, Parc del Fòrum de Barcelona, Spain 6/12/08 + BBC Radio Theatre, London, UK 4/1/08 (Evening Concert)

G.R.292/293 Bob Dylan [ LIVE AT THE SUMMER SOUND FESTIVAL ] Summer Sound Festival, Lazzareto, Bergamo, Italy 6/16/08 + Palazzo delle Albere, Trento, Italy 6/15/08

G.R.294/295/296 Bruce Springsteen [ COME ON MAN…STAND ON IT! ] Arena, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 6/18/08 + Millenium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales 6/15/08

G.R.297/298 Bruce Springsteen [ SATURDAY, EVERYBODY ROCKS! ] HSH Nordbank Arena, Hamburg, Germany 6/21/08

G.R.299/300/301 Bruce Springsteen [ SUMMERTIME BRUCE ] Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milano, Italy 6/25/08

G.R.302/303 Bruce Springsteen [ PARIS, DON’T YOU LOSE HEART ] Parc des Princes, Paris, France 6/27/08

G.R.304 Bruce Springsteen [ 4TH OF JULY ] Ullevi, Goteborg, Sweden 7/4/08 RADIO BROADCAST + Emirates Stadium, London, UK 5/31/08

G.R.305/306/307 Led Zeppelin [ THE DRAG QUEEN OF NEW ORLEANS ] Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans, LA, USA 5/14/73

G.R.308 Queen [ SPACED OUT – DEMOS & OUTTAKES ] Demos/Outtakes from “Hot Space”, “Miracle” & “Innuendo” sessions

G.R.309/310 Bob Dylan [ TOKYO LEGAL ] Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan 3/2/78

G.R.311/312 Pink Floyd [ WATCHING THE WORLD UPON THE WALL ] Earl’s Court Exhibition Hall, London, UK 6/16/81

G.R.313/314 Tom Waits [ THIS IS MY AMERICA ] Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA. USA 7/5/08

G.R.315/316/317 Bruce Springsteen [ LYING IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT ] Scottrade Center, St. Louis, MO USA 8/23/08 + bonus tracks

G.R.318/319 Madonna [ STICKY & SWEET ROME ] Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy 9/6/08

G.R.320 Pink Floyd [ ATOM HYDE PARK ] Blackhill’s Garden Party, Hyde Park free concert, Hyde Park, London, UK 7/18/70

G.R.321 Pink Floyd [ FIRST AUSTRALIAN SHOW ] Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia 8/13/71

G.R.322 Iron Maiden [ FIERY THE ANGELS FELL ] Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, IL. USA 3/11/87

G.R.323 Bruce Springsteen [ BORN TO BE WILD – MAGIC TOUR 5TH LEG COVERS ] 21 cover songs from the last leg of Magic Tour

G.R.324/325 U2 [ THANK U TOO FOR THE FIRE – THE DEFINITIVE EDITION ] Teatro Tenda, Milan, Italy 2/4/85 + soundcheck & bonus tracks Brixton Academy, London, UK 11/3/84

G.R.326 Neil Young [ A DAY IN THE LIFE ] Farm Aid, Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA. USA 9/20/08 + Rock in Rio, Escenario Mundo, Madrid, Spain 6/27/08

G.R.327/328/329 Led Zeppelin [ THAT’S ALRIGHT NEW YORK ] NY. USA 2/12/75

G.R.330 Led Zeppelin [ THE DANCING AVOCADO ] Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA. USA 4/24/69

G.R.331 Elvis Presley [ THE GREENSBORO SHOW ] Greensboro, NC. USA 4/12/72

G.R.332 George Harrison & Splinter [ HARI + SPLINTER’S DARK HORSE ] Splinter’s lost “The Place I Love” album

G.R.333 The Beatles [ LANDING JUNE 20, 1965 ] 6/20/65 (early show + late show)

G.R.334/335 Rolling Stones [ COMPLETE ’73 AFFAIR ] Vienna, Austria 9/1/73 + bonus tracks

G.R.336/337 Bruce Springsteen [ THIS TIME IT’S FOR REAL ] Barack Obama campaign stops

G.R.338/339 Oasis [ THE MAGICAL MYSTERY ] Electric Proms, The Roundhouse + Wembley

Quali sono i vostri bootleg preferiti? Preferite la Godfather o la Cristal Cat?


Bel DVD bootleg del concerto di Springsteen al Teatro Verdi di Firenze.

Sono 2 DVD, prodotti da Digi-tox, con l’ audio Welcome to the new world order; il menu è diviso per canzoni.

Le riprese sono fatte con camera unica dal lato sinistro.

Ecco la scaletta:



La qualità video è molto buona, l’ audio è buono.

Direi che è uno dei migliori DVD video assieme a”Once upon a time in the West”(una delle prossime recensioni).

L’ artwork lo trovate qui.

Voi che ne pensate?


Mi ritrovo con una copia in più della registrazione video del concerto di Passaic
del 19 settembre 1978 di Springsteen e la E street band.

Nel caso qualcuno non avesse ancora questo bootleg DVD lasci un commento
qua sotto o mi mandi una mail; entro 24 ore (poste permettendo) la riceverà.


L’ ascoltavo questa mattina dal bootleg di Barcelona del luglio scorso.
Troppo bella.

Eccola qui:

Hey there mister can you tell me
What happened to the seeds I’ve sown
Can you give me a reason, sir, as to why they’ve never grown
They’ve just blown around from town to town
Back out on these fields
Where they fall from my hand
Back into the dirt of this hard land

Well me and my sister
From Germantown we did ride
We made our bed, sir
From the rock on the mountainside
We been blowin’ around from town to town
Lookin’ for a place to stand
Where the sun burst through the clouds and fall like a circle
A circle of fire down on this hard land

Now even the rain it don’t come ’round
Don’t come ’round here no more
And the only sound at night’s the wind
Slammin’ the back porch door
Yeah it stirs you up like it wants to blow you down
Twistin’ and churnin’ up the sand
Leavin’ all them scarecrows lyin’ facedown
In the dirt of this hard land

From a building up on the hill
I can hear a tape deck blastin’ “Home on the Range”
I can hear them Bar-M choppers
Sweepin’ low across the plains
It’s me and you, Frank, we’re lookin’ for lost cattle
Our hooves twistin’ and churnin’ up the sand
We’re ridin’ in the whirlwind searchin’ for lost treasure
Way down south of the Rio Grande
We’re ridin’ ‘cross that river in the moonlight
Up onto the banks of this hard land

Hey, Frank, won’t you pack your bags
And meet me tonight down at Liberty Hall
Just one kiss from you, my brother
And we’ll ride until we fall
Well sleep in the fields
We’ll sleep by the rivers
And in the morning we’ll make a plan
Well if you can’t make it stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive if you can
And meet me in a dream of this hard land


Sul blog di Severgnini ho trovato questo racconto di L.P. che sta per esser pubblicato su un libro (se otterrà voti sufficienti):

Non che non senta la sveglia, fingo di non sentirla per impietosirlo; ma non lo impietosisco mai. Anche stamattina, alle cinque, mio marito mi porta a correre. E’ una tortura, ma serve. Non tanto per la salute o l’aspetto fisico: in certi momenti della vita serve proprio esser veloci…

Il resto lo trovate qui.

In fondo all’ articolo c’e’ il bottone per votare, serve la registrazione ma è istantanea.

Andate e votate !!!


Uno migliori bootleg del tour di the Ghost of Tom Joad oltre che essere
uno dei mie bootleg preferiti in assoluto.

Ecco la scaletta:

01 For You
02 It’s hard to be a saint in the city
03 Atlantic City
04 Straight time
05 Tougher than the rest
06 Darkness on the edge of town
07 Johnny 99
08 All that heaven will allow
09 Wild Billy’s circus story
10 Red headed woman
11 Two hearts
12 When you’re alone
13 Shut out the light
14 Born in the USA
15 The ghost of Tom Joad
16 Sinaloa cowboys
17 The Line
18 Racing in the street
19 Across the border
20 I don’t want to go home
21 Spirit in the night
22 Rosalita (Come out tonight)
23 This hard land
24 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)

Splendida versione di Racing in the Street con Susie Tyrell al violino. Oltre che
la Susie in un paio di canzoni ci sono la Scialfa, Federici e Lopez.

Nel terzo CD ci sono le bonus tracks fra cui Long time coming che poi sarà pubblicata
su Devils & Dust nel 2005.

Per eventuali errori od omissioni, integrazioni, richiesta di B&P etc lasciate pure un commento qua sotto o mandatemi una mail.



04.05.1970 Torn and prayed
09.01.1973 Bound for glory
02.03.1973 Berkeley Community Theater – Ed Sciaky Archives
17.11.1973 Walking the dog
03.03.1974 NYC serenate
09.03.1974 The lost radio show
09.04.1974 Radio waves
13.07.1974 No money down
11.10.1974 Jungleland MD


05.02.1975 Main Point nght
14.08.1975 Live at bottom line
11.10.1975 The homecoming – Red Bank
28.12.1975 Sha La La…


04.11.1976 We gotta get out of this place


01.07.1978 Berkeley – California
07.07.1978 Roxy Night
09.08.1978 Summertime Bruce – Live at Agorà
09.08.1978 Agorà night
12.09.1978 Dusty road
19.09.1978 Piece de Resistance
21.09.1978 The bosses birthday party
29.09.1978 The Alabama slammer
15.12.1978 Live in the promised land
15.12.1978 Walking in a Springsteen wonderland
19.12.1978 Paramount night
20.12.1978 This is for crazies


27.11.1980 Look over the River
11.12.1980 Passing through Providence
31.12.1980 Nassau night


18.04.1981 Blinded by the light of Montmart
07.05.1981 Follow that dream
07.06.1981 For those who were that night
15.07.1981 Spectrum night
20.08.1981 A night for vietnam veterans


12.07.1984 Alpine Valley
26.07.1984 Live in Toronto – brucetree n.1
22.09.1984 Where the rivers meet
08.11.1984 Happy the rest of your life
19.11.1984 Kansas city night


09.06.2005 Ullevi stadium
21.06.1985 San Siro Marathon
21.06.1985 Now we begin
29.05.1985 Parc de la Courneuve
30.06.1985 Last night in Paris
04.07.1985 Indipendence night
01.09.1985 Sunday night special
02.10.1985 Grande Finale


25.07.1988 Wonderful love in Copenhagen
03.05.1988 Roses and broken hearts
10.05.1988 Bloomington night
15.06.1988 Flaminio first night


16.11.1990 Christic Night
16.11.1990 American Dream
17.11.1990 Christic Night


04.07.1992 4th of July in Barcelona
10.07.1992 Wembley night


25.05.1993 It’s all right Roma
24.06.1993 Meadownlands night


19.04.1994 Solo acoustic Berlino
24.04.1996 Brixton night
26.06.1996 Live in New Orleans
29.09.1996 Usa blues vol 2
26.11.1996 Asbury park night


09.04.1999 Barcelona 1st night
20.04.1999 Milano
26.06.1999 Copenhagen
23.10.1999 The Prodigal son in the city of LA


15.06.2000 NYC
17.06.2000 Saturday night
01.07.2000 Legendary night
01.07.2000 The promised delivered


04.12.2001 Jingle boss rock


30.07.2002 Asbury Park
05.08.2002 Continental arena – East Rutherford NJ
07.08.2002 East Rutherford
10.08.2002 MCI Center – Washington DC
12.08.2002 Madison Square Garden NY
18.10.2002 Bologna
18.10.2002 Stand on it Bologna
22.10.2002 Rotterdam


19.02.2003 The double take
07.03.2003 Atlantic City
20.03.2003 Stand before your fiery light
08.05.2003 Rotterdam
10.05.2003 Ludwigshafen
12.05.2003 Brussels
15.05.2003 Gjion
17.05.2003 Barcelona
24.05.2003 Paris – Stade de France
27.05.2003 Night after night
29.05.2003 Manchester
06.05.2003 Rotterdam
19.05.2003 Madrid
31.05.2003 Dublino
08.06.2003 Florence night to rock
08.06.2003 Kitty’s back in Florence
10.06.2003 Monaco
12.06.2003 Live in Hamburg
14.06.2003 Rotterdam
16.06.2003 Helsinki – first night
17.06.2003 Helsinki – second night
21.06.2003 Goteborg – first night
22.06.2003 Gotebrog – second night
25.06.2003 Vienna
28.06.2003 San Siro night
28.06.2003 Milano – VCD
28.06.2003 Bruce, Bruce, Bruce live in Milano
28.06.2003 Chiudi quell’ ombrello
21.07.2003 Giants Stadium
24.07.2003 Meadownlands night
08.08.2003 Philadelphia,PA
09.08.2003 Philadelphia,PA
11.08.2003 Philadelphia,PA
30.08.2003 Giants stadium – 9 night
27.09.2003 Milwaukee
04.10.2003 New York – The last dance
08.12.2003 X-Mas soul night


01.04.2004 First night for change
02.10.2004 Second night for change
02.10.2004 People have the power
13.10.2004 The last of the swingers
02.12.2004 Flood aid 2004 – soundtrack
19.12.2004 Late show at Harry roadhouse – Uber vol 31


25.04.2005 Fox theatre – Detroit
15.05.2005 Cleveland
24.05.2005 Dublino
27.05.2005 Royal Albert Hall – 1st night
04.06.2005 Bologna (versione Corvonero)
04.06.2005 Bologna Blood and stone vol 1
06.06.2005 Roma When in Rome vol IV
07.06.2005 Milano vol 2 Mud and bone
07.06.2005 A windy night in Milano (Jill version)
13.06.2005 Olympiahalle Monaco
16.06.2005 Dusseldorf
20.06.2005 Parigi – Bercy
23.06.2005 Goteborg
25.06.2006 Stockholm
28.06.2005 Berlino
18.07.2005 Buffalo


– I need a little more piano
– Highlights from Rising tour
– New York Tracks 15.06.00 – 01.07.2000
– Was and roses
– Live at Greasy Lake 1973-1999
– The ghost of Nebraska
– Forever young
– Bruce Springsteen & the E Street band highlights
– Deep down in the vaults
– The rising highlights
– Live 1975-1988
– Fistfull of dollars
– 25 years down the Thunder Road
– The missing years
– Promises and lies:confesion on the backstreets
– Killer in sun
– USA blues vol I
– Is a Dream a Lie?
– This hard land 1982-1984
– The sound of the Sixties
– A hanful of dust vol I & II


Voci sempre più insistenti parlano di un nuovo disco a gennaio più nuovo
mini tour promozionale a partire da febbraio iniziando dall’ Europa per
concludersi negli USA entro giugno causa gli impegni di Max Weinberg in TV.

Un estratto da backstreets :

“I was here a while back, in 2004,” Springsteen told the crowd, adding, “I’m glad they let me come back — that they didn’t think I might jinx them or something.” A six-song set, similar to the Columbus set a couple weeks ago, added a welcomed duet with Patti on a new song: “Workin’ on a Dream.” The song has been recorded for the follow-up to Magic, which Springsteen has been working on this fall, an album expected to see release around the time of the Presidential Inauguration in January 2009.

Staremo a vedere, anche perché i tempi son un po’ stretti.

Però il cofanetto per il trentennale di Darkness che fine ha fatto?