Continuano le prove per il nuovo tour, a breve dovrebbero essere messi in vendita i biglietti per i rehaearsal ufficiali della prossima settimana.

Da notare la presenza delle due coriste della Seeger session band.

Ecco intanto il report di Stan:

Wednesday’s rehearsals at Convention Hall had a lot less songs played than Tuesday.

Bruce and the band were working on lots of parts of songs and we also learned about two backup singers who will be on the tour.

Bruce, Patti and Soozie were there early today, arriving at 10:15 a.m. The two backup singers also arrived early. We believe they may have been working on some of the backup stuff as most of the band didn’t arrive til around noon.
The backup singers are Curtis King and Cindy Mizelle, who were both in the Seeger Sessions Band and toured with Bruce in 2006. You may remember Cindy’s great singing in “Further On Up The Road.”
We didn’t recogzie Cindy yesterday, as she has a full afro now and looks different from when she was with the Seeger Sessions Band.
Music started at 12:55 p.m. with the band working on a reggae-sounding song. Couldn’t really make it out but sounded like they were singing “Shine the Light.”

Later they went into:
1. Outlaw Pete
They were doing some “vocalizing” on the end parts. Worked on it a few times.

2. My Lucky Day
3. No Surrender
4. Out In The Street
Same way it was performed on past tours. Nils, Patti, Steven and Clarence doing vocals at the end.
5. Working On a Dream
Again some Clarence sax at the end.
6. Johnny 99
Full band version
7. I Ain’t Got No Home
The Woody Guthrie song. They played it twice.

There was about a 45-minute break before they started up again.
8. Good Eye
On the bullet mic
9. This Life
They worked on the “bah, bahhh, bah” parts on the end a few times.
Played this three times overall.
10. Surprise, Surprise
Sax at the end.

That was it for the day.
Max, Charlie Giordano and Soozie Tyrell signed autographs for fans on their way out. A friend also told me Nils was very gracious and signed for fans still around later.
Bruce and Patti drove out together. They waved to the fans going down the ramp but did not stop to sign anything today. There were a lot of fans (60 or so) around at the end.

Garry Tallent, Max and Jay Weinberg signed autographs for fans coming in today.
Although it seemed to be warm elsewhere, it was very cold down on the boardwalk. Very windy.