Ottimo bootleg DVD multi camera del concerto di Springsteen e la E-band a Dublino lo scorso 11 luglio 2009 durante il tour di Working on a dream.

Setlist, DVD 1:
0. The Fields of Anthenry
1. Who’ll Stop the Rain?
2. Badlands
3. Cover Me
4. My Lucky Day
5. Outlaw Pete
6. Out in the Street
7. Working on a Dream
8. Seeds
9. Johhny 99
10. The Ghost of Tom Joad

Setlist, DVD 2:
1. Raise Your Hand
2. You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
3. Seven Nights to Rock
4. For You
5. Thunder Road
6. Because the Night
7. Waiting on a Sunny Day
8. The Promised Land
9. The River
10. Kingdom of Days

Setlist, DVD 3:
1. Lonesome Day
2. The Rising
3. Born to Run
4. Hard Times
5. Tenth Ave Freeze-out
6. American Land
7. Bobby Jean
8. Dancing in the Dark
9. Ramrod
10. Twist and Shout

Qualche nota dal realizzatore di questo bootleg DVD:

First night of two in Dublin. Bruce’s first High-Definition sourced multi-camera bootleg ever. Overall, this isn’t as good as the footage from the second night, mainly due to a lack of NB filming as he did on night 2 (and he was no. 1 in line on Night 1, so it would have been a little hard to stealth from there 😉 ). My angle is complete, the other two are not. So some songs are 3-cam, some are 1. And, as we were all shooting from the pit, not all the footage is great. On the other hand, BECAUSE we were shooting from the pit, the best shots are utterly fantastic. There are times when just I am shooting when the video gets a bit crap, due to obstructions and/or shakiness caused by my relative lack of height and poor upper body strength (lightweight the cam may be, holding that fecker steadily up above your head for 3hrs straight isn’t easy). In fact, it took me until half way through Cover Me before I really got the hang of what I was doing. I managed to shoot up until Bruce’s guitar solo before CC’s Sax in Badlands with the Optical Image Stabilisation switched off. Who’ll Stop the Rain isn’t too bad because I could cut away to Skipjack’s angle fo much of it, but Badlands had only me filming, so it’s a bit of a trainwreck. Bruce’s solo is audio only as I realised the OIS was off (and so had to stop recording for the cam to let me switch it on). Even after that it’s still pretty shaky as I don’t start to hold it with both hands until halfway through Cover Me. Anyway, yeah… It’s somewhat inconsistant. Very good overall though, and the spectacular close-ups far outweigh the shaky shots of people’s feet in front of me 😉
The one availible audio source was very poor quality, so I used the in-camera audio from the HF100. It’s not brilliant, but better than the existing audio only source, and fine to listen to once your ears get used to it. Vocals a little low. Yes, the audio is in WAV, yet the cam records in AC3. I decided to do that to avoid any possible re-encoding artifacts from doing 2 levels of AC3 on it, and the video bitrates are still pretty high even with the increased WAV filesize. I was supposed to be being sent a second external audio recording, but the guy started ignoring my PMs after agreeing to mail me a copy…