Interessante raccolta con 17 versioni Sad Eyes suonate da Bruce Springsteen dal 1976 al 1978.

La scaletta:

1. 9/30/76 Civic Centre, Santa Monica CA
2. 10/10/76 University of Miami, Oxford OH
3. 10/29/76 Palladium, NYC
4. 10/30/76 Palladium, NYC
5. 11/4/76 The Palladium, New York, NY
6. 2/13/77 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada
7. 2/22/77 Arena Auditorium, Milwaukie, WI

8. 3/4/77 The Auditorium, Jacksonville, FL
9. 3/13/77 Towson State Univ, Baltimore, MD
10. 3/23/77 Music Hall, Boston, MA
11. 3/25/77 Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA
12. 5/31/78 The Music Hall, Boston, MA
13. 6/16/78 Memorial Hall, Kansas City, MO
14. 8/4/78 Civic Centre, Charleston, WV
15. 9/30/78 The Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA
16. 12/31/78 Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH
17. 12/19/78 Paramount Theater, Portland, OR

Il commento del realizzatore della raccolta:

Bruce Springsteen
Sad Eyes Compilation Disc “Saddest Eyes”

This disc contains seventeen versions of “Sad Eyes”, spanning its first appearance in 1976 to its last appearance at the end of the ’78 tour.

(For those who may not be familiar with the ‘song’, “Sad Eyes” is what people call the interlude at the end of Backstreets that eventually became “Drive All Night” on The River album.)

OK, everyone’s got their favorite. As can be seen by their recent popularity, NYC Serenade and Thunder Road are certainly many people’s faves. I was always fascinated by Sad Eyes, especially how it changed over the three tours in which it was performed. Starting from a short interlude in 1976, then moving into a long and always-changing story, and finally developing into what later became a released song.
So I undertook a project to compile the best versions from all the best recordings, chronicling its evolution and creating a history of the piece.
I admit it – I love this disc. Of the hundreds (thousands?) of Bruce shows I’ve listened to over the last 25 years, this disc contains 90% of the material that when listening, blew me away. From the kings ringing the bells, to Joey the cop, the screaming “YOU LIED!!!!” God and the angels blowing the whole town into the sea, the old Cadillac (sitting in the back seat) and the burning farmhouse, Billy shooting his .22 at the shadows, such pretty lies, driving all night to buy some shoes, the short addition as a prelude to Backstreets, and even with an argument with a girl in the audience.

But the question is still unresolved – WHO IS TERRY? Is Terry a male friend, or is Terry his girlfriend?

Lineage – varies, but all are from CDs; some probably CDR copies of the silvers, some directly off the silver. Didn’t have an extractor/ripper, so used a microscope to transcribe the 1s and 0s into a text file, then just changed the extension to .wav – But NOTHING mp3-sourced! Lineage before they got to the silver boots? Uh, probably a home-rigged mic setup, recorded from the third stall in the men’s room, transferred through four generations of mis-aligned tape until finally bootlegged to vinyl, then played, scratched and mishandled for twenty years before being transferred to CD and sold by the bootleggers as the “Gold Limited Edition” version.
  • sempre bello il medley Backstreets-Sad Eyes
    (che come spiegato da colui che ha fatto il bootleg, dopo essere stata testata dal vivo venne inserita come Drive all night nel suo disco del 1980). A dire il vero, questo bell’interludio pianistico Bruce l’ha sfruttato pure negli anni ’80, ad es. a Milano nel suo concerto del 1985 (ora non ricordo bene per inserire “quale” canzone).
    Comunque è musica fantastica !