ORLANDO 08.10.2004

Quindi tappa del mini tour del Vote for Change del 2004.

Bella versione di My Hometown con Tracy Chapman.

01 The star-spangled banner
02 Born in the USA
03 Badlands
04 Prove it all night
05 No surrender
06 My hometown [w/ Tracy Chapman]

07 Johnny 99
08 Youngstown
09 Centerfield [w/ J.Fogerty]
10 Deja Vu all over again [w/ J.Fogerty]
11 Fortunate son [w/ J.Fogerty]
12 The promised land [w/ J.Fogerty]
13 The rising
14 Because the night [w/ Stipe]
15 Mary’s place
16 Born to run [w/ Mills and Buck]
17 Bad moon rising [w/ J.Fogerty]
18 What’s so funny ’bout peace,love,and understanding [all together]
19 People have the power [all together]
20 Permanent vacation [Played in R.E.M. set, prior to Bruce’s.]
21 Man on the moon [Played in R.E.M. set, prior to Bruce’s.]