Bootleg di uno degli ultimi concerti del tour di Devils & Dust. Semplicemente imperdibile.

La scaletta:

01 Empty sky
02 Born in the USA
03 Devils and dust
04 Long time coming
05 The wall (solo piano)
06 Backstreets (solo piano)
07 Johnny 99 (dobro)
08 Part man part monkey (electric guitar)
09 Ain’t got you (electric guitar)
10 All the way home
11 One step up
12 Reno
13 Santa Ana (solo piano)
14 Lost in the flood (solo piano)
15 Drive all night (solo piano)
16 The rising
17 Further on (up the road)
18 Jesus was an only son (solo piano)
19 Two hearts
20 The new timer (autoharp)
21 Matamoros banks
22 Does this bus stop at 82nd street? (ukelele)
23 My best was never good enough
24 Thundercrack (solo piano)
25 The promised land
26 Dream baby dream (on pump organ)