Audio tratto bootleg DVD del concerto di Springsteen del 1 maggio 1973.

I dettagli:

Bruce Springsteen
Ahmanson Theater
Los Angeles, CA
May 1, 1973
(Restored, unreleased Audio)

WBCN Radio Broadcast
Boston, MA
January 9, 1973

The audio of the Ahmanson Theater was ripped from the restored DVD “Wings For Wheels.” To the best of my knowledge this restored audio has never been circulated and the quality is top notch! The music is crystal clear, sounding like you’re are right there in the same room with a captive, well-behaved listening audience. Although “Thundercrack” is edited and fades out, it is well worth having. To fill out the remainder of the disc, I included the famous circulated WBCN radio broadcast,which is said to be the very first radio show Bruce ever did. The levels were EQed slightly to make it a better match for the Ahmanson Theater tracks.


Ahmanson Theater:
1. Spirit In The Night (5:09)
2. Wild Billy’s Circus Story (4:54)
3. Thundercrack (10:13)
WBCN Radio:
4. Satin Doll (2:17)
5. Bishop Danced (5:15)
6. Circus Song(5:21)
7. Song To The Orphans (9:56)
8. Does This Bus Top At 82nd Street? (5:51)