A New Day Rising:Wrecking Ball Compilation Part 1

Wrecking Ball Flynn Compilation

A New Day Rising


Come ad ogni tour di Springsteen ecco la nuova compilation realizzata da Flynn.

Questa prima parte è composta da cinque bootleg realizzati con una selezione dei concerti del tour di Wrecking Ball suonati fra marzo e aprile dello scorso anno.


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
A New Day Rising: The 2012 Wrecking Ball Compilation Part 1
A “Flynn” Compilation

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Thanks to all the tapers and uploaders!
You guys continue to do a great job!

This set is not comprehensive as it does not include every song performed
on the first leg of the tour. My intention had been to put together a
two or three disc set that would focus on the new material and songs
that were not regulars on the 2007-2009 tours. However, things grew,
as they often do, and what I wanted to include meant I needed five discs.

And I know there are songs that are not included here but rest assured
I will include them on either future leg compilations or some kind of
complete tour set.

The first two discs of this set comprise a psuedo-show of the new
material plus a few choice nuggets. Many of the warhorses from
the past are not included here.

The other three discs consist of other rarities as well as some
of those warhorses.

Hope you enjoy.


P.S. — If you’re aching to hear that song where Bruce pines for
better weather, check out the bonus track, but do so at your own
risk. This is not for the squeamish!


Wrecking Ball Compilation by Flynn

A New Day Rising

Disc 1

1. Buffalo Gals (2012-04-13, Buffalo, NY)
2. Star Time Introduction (2012-04-03, E. Rutherford, NJ)
3. We Take Care of Our Own (2012-04-13, Buffalo, NY)
4. Wrecking Ball (2012-03-29, Philadelphia, PA)
5. Death to My Hometown (2012-05-02, Newark, NJ)
6. My City of Ruins (2012-04-29, New Orleans, LA)
7. Intro (to Bishop Danced) (2012-05-02, Newark, NJ)
8. Bishop Danced (2012-05-02, Newark, NJ)
9. Jack of All Trades (2012-04-13, Buffalo, NY)
10. Easy Money (2012-03-29, Phladelphia, PA)
11. Murder Incorporated (2012-04-16, Albany, NY)
12. Johnny 99 (2012-04-06, New York, NY)
13. Shackled and Drawn (2012-05-02, Newark, NJ)
14. Talk to Me (2012-05-02, Newark, NJ)
15. The Promise (2012-04-01, Washington, DC)

Disc 2

1. Apollo Medley (2012-04-13, Buffalo, NY)
2. American Skin (2012-04-01, Washington, DC)
3. Because the Night (2012-04-01, Washington, DC)
4. The Rising (2012-03-29, Philadelphia, PA)
5. We Are Alive (2012-04-16, Albany, NY)
6. Land of Hope and Dreams (2012-05-02, Newark, NJ)
7. Thunder Road (2012-04-13, Buffalo, NY)
8. Intro (to The Weight) (2012-05-02, Newark, NJ)
9. The Weight (2012-05-02, Newark, NJ)
10. Rocky Ground (2012-05-02, Newark, NJ)
11. Born to Run (2012-05-02, Newark, NJ)
12. 10th Avenue Freezeout (2012-04-13, Buffalo, NY)

Wrecking Ball Tour Compilation by Flynn

A New Day Rising

Disc 3

1. Ain’t Got No Home (2012-03-15, Austin, TX)
2. E Street Shuffle (2012-04-26, Los Angeles, CA)
3. Death to My Hometown (with Tom Morello) (2012-04-26, Los Angeles, CA)
4. How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live? (2012-04-29, New Orleans, LA)
5. Intro (to Something You Got) (2012-04-29, New Orleans, LA)
6. Something You Got (with Doctor John) (2012-04-29, New Orleans, LA)
7. Oh, Mary, Don’t You Weep (2012-04-29, New Orleans, LA)
8. Intro (to Janey Don’t You Lose Heart) (2012-04-16, Albany, NY)
9. Janey Don’t You Lose Heart (2012-04-16, Albany, NY)
10. Pay Me My Money Down (2012-04-29, New Orleans, LA)
11. Lion’s Den (2012-04-06, New York, NY)
12. The Ties That Bind (2012-04-13, Buffalo, NY)
13. Does the Bus Stop at 82nd Street? (2012-03-28, Philadelphia, PA)
14. Streets of Philadelphia (2012-03-29, Philadelphia, PA)
15. Rocky Ground with When the Saints (2012-04-29, New Orleans, LA)
16. California Sun (2012-04-26, Los Angeles, CA)
17. This Land is Your Land (with guests) (2012-03-15, Austin, TX)

Disc 4

1. Intro (to Badlands) (2012-04-26, Los Angeles, CA)
2. Badlands (2012-04-26, Los Angeles, CA)
3. Night (2012-04-01, Washington, DC)
4. Adam Raised a Cain (2012-04-01, Washington, DC)
5. My Love Will Not Let You Down (2012-04-24, San Jose, CA)
6. Intro (to Seaside Bar Song) (2012-04-01, Washington, DC)
7. Seaside Bar Song (2012-04-01, Washington, DC)
8. Jackson Cage (2012-03-26, Boston, MA)
9. Candy’s Room (2012-04-04, E. Rutherford, NJ)
10. She’s the One (2012-04-09, New York, NY)
11. Downbound Train (2012-04-16, Albany, NY)
12. Rendezvous (2012-04-13, Buffalo, NY)
13. Mountain of Love (2012-04-13, Buffalo, NY)
14. Backstreets (2012-04-09, New York, NY)
15. Ramrod (2012-04-13, Buffalo, NY)
16. Raise Your Hand (with Peter Wolf) (2012-03-26, Boston, MA)
17. American Land (2012-03-18, Atlanta, GA)

Disc 5

1. For You (acoustic) (2012-04-26, Los Angeles, CA)
2. No Surrender (2012-05-02, Newark, NJ)
3. Prove It All Night (2012-03-29, Philadelphia, PA)
4. Darkness on the Edge of Town (2012-03-29, Philadelphia, PA)
5. Point Blank (2012-04-13, Buffalo, NY)
6. So Young and In Love (2012-04-03, E. Rutherford, NJ)
7. Thundercrack (2012-04-09, New York, NY)
8. Racing in the Street (2012-04-04, E. Rutherford, NJ)
9. Intro (to Harder They Come) (2012-03-15, Austin, TX)
10. Harder They Come (with Jimmy Cliff) (2012-03-15, Austin, TX)
11. Time Will Tell (with Jimmy Cliff) (2012-03-15, Austin, TX)
12. Many Rivers to Cross (with Jimmy Cliff) (2012-03-15, Austin, TX)
13. We Gotta Get Out of this Place (with Eric Burdon) (2012-03-15, Austin, TX)

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