St. Paul 29.06.1984 – Uber Series 39

Bruce Springsteen St. Paul 29.06.1984

Bruce Springsteen St. Paul 29.06.1984

Bruce Springsteen St. Paul 29.06.1984

Prima  data del tour di Born In The Usa; Bruce Springsteen e la E-Street Band aprirono infatti a St. Paul il 29 giugno 1984 il tour che si sarebbe concluso a Los Angeles il 2 ottobre 1985.

Il bootleg, numero 39 della Uber Series è di qualità ottima. Come al solito ho messo il link ad un paio di canzoni.

Dancing In The Dark è stata suonata due volte per realizzare il video ufficiale della canzone.

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This is the opening night of the Born in the USA Tour. The band sounds great, but their sound will change greatly over the tour. Early on in the tour, the drums sounded more natural and Bruce had no routine to copy.
In my opinion, this is the most enjoyable and novel show from the 1st 4-5 weeks of the tour.
The Dancing in the Dark video is filmed this night and is played 2 times for the cameras. No Surrender makes its full band debut and will be played only 1 other time this way on the tour.
This recording has been carefully remastered from uncirculated cassettes that I have been sitting on for a long time. The recording had some songs which were cut (Glory Days, Bobby Jean, and The Detroit Medley). Fortunately, the cut songs are replaced and heard in their entirety on this release thanks to Rockcat who supplied me with complete copies of the aforementioned cut songs from his master cassettes (altenate source).

Thanks also to Tattoo Dad for starting his UBER Project.

Enjoy this release. Roll down your windows and play it loud.
Johnny 98


Disc 1

  1. Thunder Road
  2. Prove It All Night
  3. Out In The Street
  4. Johnny 99
  5. Atlantic City
  6. Mansion On The Hill
  7. The River
  8. No Surrender
  9. Glory Days
  10. The Promised Land
  11. Used Cars
  12. My Hometown
  13. Born In The Usa
  14. Badlands

Disc 2

  1. Hungry Heart
  2. Dancing In The Dark (first)
  3. Dancing In The Dark (second)
  4. Cadillac Ranch
  5. Sherry Darling
  6. Highway Patrolman
  7. I’m On Fire
  8. Fire
  9. Working On The Highway
  10. Bobby Jean
  11. Backstreets
  12. Ramrod
  13. Rosalita

Disc 3

  1. I’m A Rocker
  2. Jungleland
  3. Born To Run
  4. Street Fighting Man
  5. Detroit Medley