Gothenborg Nights 2012

Bruce Springsteen and The E-Street Band played in Gothenborg on July 27th and July 28th 2012 during the first European leg of the Wrecking Ball Tour.

During that nights several gems have been played including Jungleland (first time since 2009)!

The DVD bootleg has been realized by Dvddubbingguy, the quality – as usual – is very high but unfortunately the shows are not complete.  Total running time is about 200 minutes.

Tracks Gothenborg Night 2012

DISC 1 – First Gothenborg Night (setlist)

  1. The Promised Land
  2. Prove It All Night
  3. Cover Me
  4. Something In The Night
  5. My Love Will Not Let You Down
  6. Death To MY Hometown
  7. Girls In Their Summer Clothes
  8. Youngstown
  9. Murder Inc.
  10. Working On The Highway
  11. Darlington County
  12. Drive All Night
  13. We Are Alive
  14. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

DISC 2 – Second Gothenborg Night (setlist)

  1. Who’ll Stop The Rain
  2. Downbound Train
  3. I’m Going Down
  4. My Lucky Day
  5. Lost In The Flood
  6. It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City
  7. Frankie
  8. The River
  9. Where The Bands Are
  10. Backstreets
  11. Thunder Road
  12. Ramrod
  13. Jungleland
  14. Twist And Shout


A little sooner than announced because I won’t be at home this weekend and next week I am leaving to Stockholm…

So just in time for the Sweden 2013 shows you can get yourself in the mood with these fantastic recordings from last year’s Sweden shows. I doubt it that these year’s shows can come close to the extraordinary Gothenborg 2012 shows but that’s what I thought so often…I gladly let Bruce and the band prove me wrong.


Gothenborg nights 2012 (198 minutes, 2xDVD9, multicam mix, dubbed audio)

Highlights from both nights. 198 minutes. Multicam mix, dubbed audio (audio for night 1 is a mix of the Kokomo recording and our cam audio, audio for night 2 is a mix of the raw IEM and Kokomo recording and at some places additional cam audio to add some more atmosphere).

Rendered in NTSC 16:9 @ highest possible video bitrate for dvd. Audio is lossless PCM.

Image file for each disc contained in torrent. Burn the mds file with your favourite burning software on a double layer dvd disc (8,5gb). All videos from night 1 are on disc 1 and all videos from night 2 are on disc 2. So if you are looking for footage from just one of the two nights just point your torrent client to download the according files only.

Extensive previews @ (night 1) & (night 2)

Main cameras by dvddubbingguy and derkleinelars aka Papa B‰r. Additional footage on some songs recorded by Erik and lacabezonadeap7.

Edited (multicam mix, cropping, manual color correction, manual stabilazing, audio mix, audio dubbing, dvd authoring) by dvddubbingguy.

Artwork by dvddubbingguy (included in the torrent).

About the show:
Two amazing shows! Very special songs and performances. First Jungleland after Clarence’s death. Whole stadium lit up during Drive all night and Frankie. Amazing performances of It’s hard to be a saint in the city, Lost in the flood, Backstreets and the list goes on and on…

About the video:
I am very happy with this mix regarding that filming was very hard. Lots of tall people and the camera crane at second’s night’s show got in the way of Lars’ camera a lot.
Again, the video could be better if everybody would have contributed their videos but…

About the audio:
Again, it’s just my amateurish mix…
From night 1 there’s only the Kokomo recording which is distorted and very hard to listen to. But at least there is a recording so thanks Kokomo for the effort. I did some light eq on this one and mixed it with our cam audio.
The result is much more listenable than the Kokomo recording or our cam audio on its own.
From night 2 I was fortunate to receive the untouched IEM. This one alone in its orginal form sounds much better than the Crystal Cat release which had all the levels pushed too much and further compression applied and just sounded too bright and harsh and Bruce’s voice just not right.
The untouched IEM sounds much better but already sterile, Bruce’s voice just not right and much too high at places. This IEM badly needs an audience source mixed in so I took the Kokomo recording for that. On some spots I also mixed in cam audio. The result is by far a much more pleasant listen.
Although the trade of was some really annoying very close singalongs by some fans being really out of tune. Remember my “I’m on fire clip” from London 2008? And I thought my singing was bad! 😉

These discs don’t have the usual motion menus. The change is not because someone called my menus “cheesy”. I am short on time and in fact, these menus are done in much less time.

Thanks to everybody who shared their videos and audio recordings with me to make this mix possible.

Since the question may still come up: I have no intention to upload the blu-ray version. No further discussion on that topic wanted by me or Claudio.

This is my last upload from 2012 for now besides Paris night 2 which will be at some point uploaded with an improved audio mix and higher video bitrate and Frankfurt 2012 with new audio.

Moving on to 2013 shows now…CU on the road!