JOE’S PLACE – uber series n. 21

Bel bootleg datato sei gennaio 1974.

Fa parte della Uber Series partita un paio di anni fa ormai.

Ecco la scaletta della serata:

1 New York City serenade
02 Spirit in the night
03 Does this bus stop at 82nd street?
04 Walking the dog
05 It’s hard to be a saint in the city
06 Kitty’s back
07 Thundercrack
08 You mean so much to me
09 Growin’ up
10 Let the four winds blowbootleg, springsteen, ub
11 Zero and the blind Terry
12 Blinded by the light
13 For You
14 Rosalita (Come out tonight) [including “shotgun”]
15 Twist and shout

Purtoppo il bootleg non รจ completo ed inizia da YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO MUCH ME.